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Being a parent is not easy at all, and no one gives you a manual when the baby arrives. You read all of the books on pregnancy, but then you are expected to just know what to do once you have your baby. Gut instinct accounts for much of the parenting journey, however, there are things every parent comes up against time and time again. With that in mind here are some of the issues we all face as parents. 


Getting them to brush their teeth

Why is it that as adults we can;t think of anything worse than not brushing our teeth but children can find it the worst task to do and avoid it at all costs? It is hard to encourage good dental hygiene, which is why advice sought from dentists can help you to develop good habits. Make sure you book regular trips to the dentist to ensure that you can encourage good dental hygiene from an early age. 

Their general health

There is no doubt that our children can struggle in other areas, and as parents we need to ensure that we do what we can to help them thrive. Whether that is booking eye tests so that they can read clearer or see long distance, where you can easily get more info regarding cute frames, perfect for kids online. Or whether it is hearing tests and general health checks. Often hindrances with health are unseen and many children can’t communicate if something isn’t what it should be. 

Encouraging them to eat healthy

Getting your child to eat an apple over a chocolate bar is often an argument many parents face, and healthy eating in general can be somewhat of a struggle. Most children will turn their noses up at vegetables on the plate, so as parents we need to try and find ways to overcome it without there being a battle. This might include hiding vegetables in tomato sauces, blitzing vegetables into their favourite pasta bakes or simply not giving in and offering up the same vegetables each time. Sometimes it isn’t a case of not liking and more of a refusal to try. However, be safe in the knowledge you are not alone. 

Prying them away from iPads and technology

A huge argument is screen time. We all know it is part and parcel of our daily lives, but screen time can get too much and changes in behaviours if we are not careful. It is important to try and limit screen time where possible and encourage children to get outside and play or explore other creative outlets. Finding a balance between screen time and embracing technology is key for a healthy childhood. 

The homework debate

Finally, the homework debate. We can all find that this is difficult from time to time, and if may be that you need to encourage reward charts or even help them with homework to overcome the battle. It is an issue many of us face, but finding good routines can help you to overcome it. 

Let’s hope this helps you to feel less alone and offered some tips on how you can overcome some common parental issues. 

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