Practical Ways To Child-Proof Your Garden*

Baby in garden pegs

Practical Ways To Child-Proof Your Garden

The garden is a great place for kids.

Getting outdoors, they can let off steam, play games with their friends, or simply play on their own with whatever toys and play equipment you have purchased for them.

Your garden is also a wonderful way to encourage a love of learning in your child. Teach them gardening skills, let them catch a glimpse of wildlife, and perhaps watch the stars with your child on an evening.


While the garden is a great place to be, there are dangers. Especially when thinking about younger children, it is important to child-proof our outdoor areas. And so onto the crux of this article.

Here are just some of the ways you can child-proof your garden.

Consider laying down artificial grass

Not only is artificial grass easier to manage (no more mowing), but it is also perfect for children’s play areas. Particularly when you have play equipment such as swings, slides, and climbing frames, artificial grass creates a softer landing for your children should they fall or trip over. Head over to LazyLawn if this is something that interests you.

Remove toxic plants

Children love to explore, and the garden is a great place for them to discover more of the world around them. But not where toxic plants are concerned. No matter how beautiful some of them look in your garden, there are some plants that could cause sickness and fatalities when touched or ingested. For the safety of your child, take a look at the list of poisonous plants here, and then remove any that are growing in your garden.

Check your gates and fences

Our kids love to explore, but unfortunately, this isn’t always confined to the garden. Should they spot a hole in your fence and gate, they might well be tempted to explore the greater reaches of the outdoor world. With the issues of stranger danger and high traffic to consider, you don’t need us to tell you about the dangers. It’s in your best interests to secure your gates and fences, covering up any holes with mesh or similar, and repairing any damage that has weakened them. You might want to invest in new locks for your gates too, not only to keep your children in but to keep anybody unwanted out.

Store dangerous objects

If you have a shed or a garage, then use these spaces for anything that could be considered dangerous. We are thinking garden tools, such as shears, forks, and electric hedge trimmers. And we are thinking about anything containing dangerous chemicals, such as weed killers and pesticides. Remember your children’s curiosity. It’s no good telling them not to touch, as the temptation to do so can be too strong. Remove anything dangerous, and then consider replacing your toxic chemical products with something as safe as these child-friendly weed-killers, so you aren’t then forced to keep your children out of the garden after spraying.

The garden should be interesting, fun, and above all safe for your children. Take a walk around your garden today, and put child-proof measures in place. Your children will then be protected, and you will have greater peace of mind when they are playing outside.

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