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It’s a running joke between parents that teenagers become somewhat difficult to deal with for a few years, and we often talk about “surviving“ the teenagers, as we would’ve spoken about surviving the terrible twos when the very same children were still toddlers. But there are things you can do to salvage your relationship with your teenager, and we have to remember that ultimately they are children finding their way in the world. Teenager in often misunderstood or being ungrateful, and angry most of the time, but most teenagers are dealing with emotions, and changes in the night, they have no control over. The least we can do is a shop for when they get home. Making sure their favorite snacks and drinks are available will be better for everyone in the long run. 

Improving Your Relationship With Your Teenager

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Studying for exams can take its toll on a teenager. Teenagers aren’t getting anywhere near enough rest and sunlight, so just being around, and showing an interest in your teenager’s studies, as well as hiring GCSE tuition if necessary, will show your teenager that you care, and you are there to support them. Teenagers tend to feel as though they are independent and forget that as parents, we are still there to support them and help them through the GCSEs as well. Sometimes we have to take control of their well-being and ensure they are eating and drinking and resting as much as possible, but you can lead a horse to water as they say, but trying to be laid-back about the GCSE results will take the pressure off a little bit

Quality time

Of course, the teenagers would much prefer to be spending time with their friends, and that’s understandable. But arranging the odd trip, or outing with your teenager, will really help strengthen the bond, and prevent you much more trouble further down the line. Teenagers essentially need plenty of quality time, guidance, and care. And if every child could have these things, the world would be a better place. Why not go paintBalling all for afternoon tea? You can also get out of your comfort zone at the same time, by allowing teenagers to choose which outing to have.


Teenagers can fall into the trap of becoming negative about many things, forming opinions about school, and having to do chores, can make them very negative and argumentative. But if your model good positive behavior, there is a very strong chance that your teenager will follow suit, and you may find you’re the overall mood of the house feels lighter. Gratitude journals are great for this, as it helps everyone to understand what they are grateful for, anything that works to increase positivity can’t be a bad thing. 


Going back to basics and rewarding the children for good behavior, it’s really going to help the children understand what needs doing And teaches them the level of responsibility. Having a list of jobs that are specific days during the week, and then providing rewards later is a fun way to keep people engaged.

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