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Family and friends have been asking what gifts they can get my daughter for Christmas. She’s a preschooler and has just turned four years old. As it was her birthday just a few weeks ago she pretty much has everything she needs. I’ve had a good think and have come up with 3 unique gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Gifts To Make Them Laugh – Gelli Baff

We bought some Gelli Baff about a year ago and Izzy Loved it! We had never tried it before and I was a bit apprehensive about how it worked. I didn’t fancy spending half an hour scrubbing it out the bath after Izzy was done! I need not have worried though. It works by sprinkling the powder into bath water which then turns into jelly. Once bath time is over sprinkle the second sachet into the bath and it magically reverts back into liquid, which can then be drained down the plug hole as usual.

Gelli Baff

We even captured our first try of Gelli Baff in a vlog!

Gelli Baff retails from 99p and would be a great little stocking filler or present for a friends little one.

Gifts to Treasure – You and Me Friendship and Memories hardback keepsake book

I was recently sent one of these beautiful books to review and I think it’s such a wonderful Idea.

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The creators of the book say,

‘Childhood friendships are precious and fun, some may last forever and others will be extra special at a certain time. Each relationship is unique and this hardback book helps children build a keepsake of their important friendships and memories, featuring spaces where each friend can record their own information and feelings. Your child will treasure it for years to come.

The A5 book contains 57 pages, of which the owner uses the first page and the last two pages to record their own photos and notes. The book can then be shared with nine friends who are able to draw, write and stick in images to capture what makes them and their friendship special’.

I have a wonderful group of friends with children of the same age. We often wonder if our children will be friends as they grow older, we certainly hope so, but a book like this will capture the friendships they have now. It’s such a lovely keepsake to create and treasure.

Gifts To Make Them Think – Rubik’s Junior Animals

If your preschooler is into puzzles and problem solving this would be an ideal present. Rubik’s have recently launched a junior range, easy to grip so perfect for little hands and easier to solve than a regular Rubik’s cube. Rubik’s Kindly sent Izzy the Rubik’s Junior Kitten and she loves it. It’s a fab toy to take out and about too as it keeps her entertained and it’s small enough to fit into my coat pocket.

rubiks-junior-puppy-kitty-solvedHave you got any different preschool gift ideas? Leave your suggestions in the comments  below.

Pip x

3 Unique Gift Ideas For Preschool Children

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