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If someone who you’re close to has just had a baby, the chances are that you may be unsure about what to get them. You naturally want to buy them the perfect gift – something that’s memorable, useful and appreciated, but knowing what to buy can be a complete and utter nightmare, can’t it? 

The issue is that they’ve most probably already got everything that they need from their baby shower, so when it comes to choosing a celebratory gift after the birth, it can be somewhat of a struggle to get it right. Admittedly, coming up with a gift idea for a new parent is not always an easy task, especially when you’re not sure what they’ve already got. 

However, the good news is that if you opt for a gift that’s a little different and has a unique twist, then you should be able to find something that they will love and appreciate, and most importantly, won’t already have. 


In need of a few ideas and a little inspiration for picking the perfect gift? Below are a few ideas that are sure to go down a storm and will be appreciated by any new mum! 

Recipe box delivery straight to their door 

Those early few weeks of parenthood are always going to be a complete nightmare, made up of a blur of diaper changes, night feeds, and trying to keep on top of a mountain of baby washing. Having a new baby is a beautiful gift, but being a parent is hard work, and if there’s one thing that a lot of new parents struggle with is mealtimes and actually having the energy to get to the shops and decide what to make. It’s for this reason that the gift of a recipe box subscription could make the ideal post-birth gift. Or, if you feel like the new parents won’t have time to cook at all, then a gift of pre-made homemade food could be another option worth considering. 

A memory box 

During those first few weeks and months of parenthood, you see a lot of firsts, and naturally want to record and remember all of them. A lot of parents have a memory book, but a great gift to give any new mum could be a keepsake box, where they can store all sorts of little keepsakes, from their little one’s first lock of hair to the hospital tag from around their wrist. 

A family photography session

Another cute gift idea that’s sure to be appreciated by any new parent is the gift of a newborn photography session, including photos of the whole family. To make things easier for the new mum, pick a photographer who is willing to be flexible regarding times and locations of their photoshoots, allowing the new mum to book the sessions around hers’ and her newborn’s schedule. 

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift idea for a new mum, consider opting for one of the ideas suggested above, as each is sure to put a smile on her face. 

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