4 Must-Have Items in a Nursery*

Your baby’s sleeping environment is extremely important to get right. Not only is this the place where your infant will get their much-needed shuteye, helping them to sleep well is in your best interest as well! But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated to design a relaxing sleeping environment for your baby. There are just a few crucial elements which you need to make sure that you get right. So, let’s run through these right here.

4 Must-Have Items in a Nursery 2

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The Cot

First of all, if there is one piece which it is worth investing a little more in, it is certainly the cot. So, make sure that you take the time to choose one which is going to be perfect for your little one. Moses baskets are always a nice option, so view the range right here. Remember that many kids sleep in the cot for three or more years, so this is always going to be an investment which is worth making. Your primary concerns are making the cot sturdy and comfortable, but style may also be a consideration which comes into the mix.

The Bedding

Next up, you should think closely about the type of bedding which your baby will be sleeping in. Invest in several sets of fitted sheets so that you can easily change them as and when you need to. It is always worth going for bedding which is soft to the touch. 100% cotton is always going to be a nice option. After all, your baby’s skin is soft and you need to protect it as best you can.

The Nursery Chair

Since you will be in your baby’s room a lot of the time as well, you will also need a comfortable place to sit with them. This will be the place where a lot of parent-child bonding will be done. A rocking chair or a glider may well be the perfect option for helping you both drift off to sleep! The back height needs to be comfortable for you. Also, consider adding a throw pillow if you need some extra lumbar support. Make sure that you position the chair carefully so that everything that you need can be reached easily. You may also need to think of the entertainment for yourself – in case your baby falls asleep on you and really doesn’t want to move!

Plenty of Storage

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Even though your baby is only very small, the amount of stuff that they need is enormous. With all of the newborn gifts you receive, all the way through to each milestone, your baby will amass more stuff than you at your financial peak! In fact, you might be surprised just how much stuff your baby has.  So, you need to invest in plenty of creative storage space where you can keep everything and access it easily. Some of the storage items can be open while others need to be closed depending on what you are keeping there. You will be very thankful that you organised your space so well in the future! 

Your nursery needs to include a whole host of items, but these are just some of the main must-have ones which are worth investing in.

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