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Forget labour pain and sleep deprivation, one thing that no one ever prepares you for before you have kids is just how much stuff they have. Kids may be small, but they seem to come with an absolute tonne of things, all of which you suddenly need to find room for in your home. If you feel like your home has been completely taken over by the amount of stuff your family has, and that you’re continually tidying up but seeing little improvement, it could be time to start introducing some new storage solutions to get your home back in order. Here are some simple storage solutions that are just perfect for families, and will help you to reclaim your space:

Space Saving Mid Sleeper Beds

In many modern homes, the second and third bedrooms can be somewhat on the small side. If you find that you’re struggling for space in your kid’s bedrooms then choosing a mid sleeper or high sleeper bed for your child (depending on your child’s age) can be a brilliant solution. Mid sleeper and high sleeper beds are available in all sorts of styles and finishes and feature a range of different storage options, so you’re sure to find one that suits your child’s needs perfectly. Some have drawers and cupboards, while others may have pull out desks and bookshelves, whichever option you choose there’s no doubt that they are a great way to get the kid’s rooms tidy.

Shoe Cupboards

If you always find yourself tripping over abandoned shoes in your hallway, then a shoe cupboard is a great idea. Not only will it stop you stumbling over shoes each day, having them safely tidied away will prevent the daily morning panic as you all hunt for a lost shoe that someone’s kicked off somewhere around the house.

Toy Box Rules

No matter how well you tidy at the end of each day, you can be sure that your downstairs rooms will still be littered with toys. A solution to prevent the kid’s stuff taking over your living room is to allow them to have a toy box in the room, and only items that can be stored in the toy box with the lid closed at the end of the day are allowed to stay in the room. Having a toy box downstairs should help to ease the toy congestion in your home and keep everything neatly stowed away.

External Storage

Sometimes, no matter how much storage space we free up at home there will be some items that simply will not fit. When this happens, it’s a great idea to look for storage outside the house to help. One solution for this is a self-store service, by using container storage you can choose how much space you need and then access your items whenever you want. It’s an ideal way to free up your space at home without getting rid of the things you want to keep but have no room for.

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