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The Do's & Don'ts Of Buying A CarImage

For most people, buying a car is one of the most significant financial commitments they will make – so naturally, you’ll want to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, and that you are able to find a vehicle that is absolutely perfect for you. In an effort to help you achieve this goal, below, we’ve highlighted four important “do’s and don’ts” to keep in mind as you start your journey towards your next vehicle… 

Do… build a priority list  

The market for cars is almost impossibly large. Firstly, there’s the sheer number of manufacturers to consider, and then there are the individual vehicles models themselves. Essentially, the options are almost endless, so you’re going to need to narrow down the field significantly. There are a few different ways to do this, but establishing your priorities is often the most effective. Think about what your family needs from a vehicle – considering factors such as available boot space, features, comfort, number of seats, and so on – to build a custom priority list. Then, as you begin to browse models, you can immediately eliminate those that do not meet these basic requirements. 

Don’t… be governed by price 

A budget is undeniably important, but the price alone should not be your only concern when buying a vehicle. After all, if cost is all that matters, then you can likely find an old, rusted vehicle with 100,000 miles on the clock for just a few hundred pounds. However, everyone can agree that opting for an approved used Bentley or a three-year-old city car would actually be the better long-term choice – the cost will always be a factor, ensuring that you find a car that you like, enjoy driving, and can depend on are also crucial. 

Do… test drive multiple vehicles 

The more information you have about how different cars handle, how comfortable they are, and how they feel to drive that you can gain, the better, so try to test drive as many vehicles as possible before making your eventual selection. Even if you do happen to fall in love with the first vehicle you drive, and you subsequently go on to buy it, then having completed other test drives will still have been useful – your original preference will simply have been affirmed, so you can be completely sure that you’ve found “the one” for you. 

Don’t… forget to check for a warranty 

Warranties help to provide invaluable peace of mind when you buy a car; you can be sure that, in the unlikely event the car develops a fault, this fault will be rectified quickly and effectively. Ideally, you want a warranty that lasts for as long as possible; 12 months is a good point to aim for. In addition, if you use your car a lot, look for a warranty that does not include a mileage restriction so you can be sure you will be covered even with heavy usage. 

The above “do’s and don’ts” should help to ensure that you can find the perfect car for you and your family. 

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