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When it comes to your monthly income, it can seem like it is gone before you know it. How does that happen? Sometimes life can feel like one bill after another, and there never seems to be anything left to save for some of the finer things in life. But, by making a few changes to your outgoings and habits, you can begin to save some money. Meaning you can go on that holiday you are lusting after, a house move you have been planning or put it towards some amazing things for the family. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can help reduce your monthly outgoings.    


Compare your electricity and gas costs

So many of us are not on the best deal that our provider can offer. I bet that if you looked at alternative suppliers, it might even be cheaper still. But the perception is that changing your gas or electricity supplier is hard work. However, these days the companies tend to handle the whole thing for you. As long as you are vigilant with obtaining meter readings, there is no reason why you can’t reduce this bill. You could even contact them directly and get them to reassess your use resulting in a reduced direct debit. 

Meal plan and make lists

Your weekly food shop can be one of your biggest expenses. As much as voucher codes can help it’s time to look at your shopping habits. Getting into the routine of meal planning can save you quite a bit of money overall. Once you have decided what you are eating, it’s advisable to write a list so you don’t buy anything you don’t need. Many times the food shop bill can creep up just because we buy things we think we need that we don’t. 

Check other bills leaving your account for deals and savings 

Sometimes we can look at things like electricity and think that is the only monthly bill we can save on, but there are actually other ways that you can make a saving when it comes to your other bills. Insurances, for example are just some of the other options that you could shop around for. You could look online at places like one sure car insurance to see if they offer a better car insurance deal, and look at changing providers for home and contents each year. This can give you savings on your monthly outgoings while still giving you the same amount of cover. 

Reduce some of the luxuries

Sometimes we can pay for things we don’t need. Just because they come out on direct debit, we tend to forget about them or accept that is the only cost. Now is the time to look at each cost and ask yourself whether you need it. Can you reduce a TV package for example? Or contact some of the companies you pay out for and ask for any better deals? People that do this can end up saving quite a bit of money per month. Whatever you save can go straight into a saving pot allowing you to build up some money for other things. 

Let’s hope these tips help you with your monthly outgoings. 

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