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Buying a car is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll want to consider carefully whether you want new or second-hand, your budget and the potential depreciation. Hybrid cars are all the rage right now, but is this the right type of car for you? To help you make the decision, here come the facts and advantages of the hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Cars

So what exactly is a hybrid car? Well, essentially hybrid cars consist of a battery powered electric motor along with a conventional engine powered by petrol or diesel. Both work alongside each other to run the vehicle. If you are only driving a short distance, the electric motor works alone to run your car. Some types of hybrid car include features such as regenerative braking, whereby the power used to brake is later utilized elsewhere. What’s more, the battery can recover energy that would have otherwise been wasted, and pump this into the motor.

Different types of hybrid

There are a few different types of hybrid car, so it’s worth knowing the difference before you start shopping. One is the parallel hybrid, these cars have a regenerative braking system and rely upon one power source at a time. For example, the conventional engine is consistently used when driving at speed, and the electric motor is consistently used at low speeds. Range extender hybrids use only the electric motor to drive the car, the only time that the conventional engine is used is to charge up the batteries. 

1. Less expensive to run 

One of the great things about hybrid cars is that they don’t use as much fuel, meaning that they are cheaper to run overall. These cars use around 30% less fuel than a conventional car. Regular drivers will know that the price of red diesel often changes, and that fuel prices in general are increasing. With so many motoring costs to pay for from insurance to maintenance, it’s likely that you’ll welcome the idea of making some savings.

2. Go greener

Hybrid cars produce lower emissions than traditional cars, so you’ll be getting yourself a greener vehicle. Diesel and petrol powered vehicles contribute to polluting our air, yet with a hybrid you’ll be drastically reducing your part to play here. Many of us want to live greener lifestyles, yet we can’t envision our lives without the use of a car. With a hybrid car, you can keep driving without worrying about the impact on the earth.

3. Potential insurance discounts

Some insurers provide discounts for hybrid cars, so you could stand to save yourself even more money here. It’s been reported that the drivers of hybrid vehicles tend to rack up fewer miles, and are consequently less of a risk to insurers.

4. A reliable car 

Hybrid cars are fiercely reliable, so you’ll get yourself a vehicle that you can really depend on. The engine is used less than with a conventional car, and so it’s likely that the engine won’t experience as much wear and tear. If your hybrid has a regenerative braking system, this also means less wear and tear on the brakes.

Whether you choose to buy a used car, a new car, a hybrid or conventional, be sure to give it a test drive. Only by testing the vehicle performance can you make an informed decision.

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