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In this day and age, there are a plethora of reasons to create or redesign a website which will help your business perform better online and attract more users.

Whether its changes in your products and services, complete rebranding or you just want to refresh your businesses online look, Stockport website design agencies can implement the perfect design and web optimisation strategies to help your website become more appealing to Googles search rankings and to an organic audience.

Using Google, you can easily discover several web hosting providers who offer similar hosting packages which all seem priced well below your budget. A common mistake for amateur web designers to opt of a hosting provider who is only going to benefit their bank account. But when reality hits e.g. data breaches and slow loading speed, you’re not going to get the service they promised, and will realise you would’ve been better paying a little extra and having a website which doesn’t take ages to recover from server downtime. 

Your online presence is going to play a large part in retaining new and existing users. So, make sure you look like you know what you’re doing. Your website needs to have all its information organised, text concise and intriguing, and images and videos should all be formatted to the correct size so as not delay your loading speed.

Responsive web design ensures that users on mobile devices can access your website and it still will look as professional as the desktop version. Using images and graphics can be a quick and easy way to make mobile browsing on your site fun and enjoyable. Remember…a pleasurable online experience is a memorable one.

If you’re using an ecommerce site or have shopping cart software installed, then make sure the transaction steps are simple. Also, be careful with the amount of personal information you’re asking from your users or they may start to feel uncomfortable and leave.

On top of creating a website that is great, you also need a way to promote your website. Consider having social media accounts. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for presenting visual snippets of information about your business which contains links back to your website.

If you’ve read this article and your list of to-do’s has more than doubled, then why not take a step back and leave it in the capable hands of digital marketing experts?

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