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Moving to a new house is a big decision, especially when it involves moving your whole family. They say that kids cope well with change, but that doesn’t guarantee yours won’t be affected. Children take comfort in familiarity. This means that, although your kids won’t have many of the same stresses that you, leaving their friends, family, school, home, and town can cause a lot of worry. To make the move easier on everyone, here are five mistakes that you must try to avoid.

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Keeping The Move Secret

Many parents hide that they’re moving house until the very last moment. They assume that this will protect their kids from any unnecessary stress and make the transition easier. The trouble is, it very rarely does. Although your little ones may seem oblivious to your worries, they’re actually very astute. By keeping the truth from them, you might make their fears even worse. It will take time for your kids to process the news of moving, so you should tell them as soon as you can.

Letting Little Ones Pack

You don’t want to exclude your kids from the moving process completely. This will make it feel as though you’re forcing them, which can lead to resistance. However, you shouldn’t allow young children to pack up their own rooms. Teenagers, with a little guidance, should be able to carry out this task relatively easily, but smaller kids can’t. In fact, they’ll probably make you even more work to do. Because of this, you should let them pack their box for moving day and nothing else.

Doing It All Yourself

Certain jobs in life can be handled by you and you alone. Moving, however, is not one of them. With an undertaking as large and complicated as this one, you always need help, especially when you have children. For this reason, you should research and book removalists. They will make packing and transporting your belongings a whole lot easier. You might also want to bring in friends and family to help with the cleaning, unpacking, and looking after the little ones.

Making It Too Serious

Although moving house can certainly be stressful, it is also an exciting endeavor. Instead of focusing on your worries, you should emphasize the positives of moving and make the process more fun. This will benefit both you and your children. Do some research on the area that you’re moving to and show your kids all the great things that are there, like playgrounds and arcades. You can also discuss how you’re going to decorate and the takeaway you’ll order on moving day.

Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House With ChildrenCredit

Traveling Without The Essentials

Like any other road trip, you must be prepared for your journey to the new house. Make sure that you have all of the essentials, like snacks, drinks, and toys. If you’re traveling quite a distance, you might want to bring a few pillows and blankets too, so that your kids can get some sleep. This particular road trip will be more stressful than most, so having those few items with you can make all the difference.

By avoiding the mistakes above, you should be able to make the house move with your kids a lot easier.

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