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When exercise feels like a chore, it’s much harder to stay motived and keep up with your fitness plans. If you’re balancing a professional job and raising a family, for example, finding the time to do exercise you don’t enjoy simply isn’t going to be a top priority.

When you find a workout you love, however, exercising can be something you look forward to. What’s more – when you have fun working out, you’ll be more inclined to stay fit and train regularly. To fast-track your fitness goals, take a look at these top ways to make exercise more enjoyable:

Try Different Activities

Exercise doesn’t have to involve regular trips to the gym or spending hours on the treadmill. If you want to try something different, head to Arthur Murray Inner West and sign up for a dance class or visit your local stables and go horse riding. With so many different options to explore, you can keep your fitness routine as varied as you like and spend your time doing things you genuinely enjoy.

Workout with Friends

If you usually work out alone, try exercising with friends or as part of a group. Sometimes, the social aspect of exercising is enough to persuade you to throw your trainers on and stick to your routine. As well as being more fun, when you’re accountable to other people, you’re less likely to skip a training session or take the week off.

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Turn Exercise into Family Time

Exercise doesn’t have to come at the expense of family time. In fact, you can encourage the whole family to embrace a healthy lifestyle when you incorporate exercise into your daily activities. From nature walks through the woods to dance parties at home, there are a variety of ways to ensure your family exercises together regularly.

Set Realistic Goals

If you’ve just started walking, completing a marathon might feel a little beyond your reach. Similarly, if you want to lose a significant amount of weight, planning a four stone weight loss might seem overwhelming. Break your overall targets down into smaller, more achievable goals if you want to enjoy exercising more. When you’re routinely hitting these goals, you’ll feel more accomplished and much more motivated to continue.

Take the Pressure Off

If you’re rushing from work to the gym and home in time to get the kids to bed, you probably aren’t enjoying yourself very much. Finding a way to incorporate exercise into your daily activities can make it far easier and far more fun. Whether you go for a brisk walk at lunchtime or play catch with your kids in the garden, take the pressure down a notch and make exercising more convenient.

Commit to a Sustainable Fitness Plan

Regular exercise is fantastic for your physical, mental and emotional well-being, so aim to make it a permanent fixture in your life. By finding exercise that fits into your lifestyle and engaging in activities you enjoy, you’ll really reap all of the benefits that a fitness regime can offer.

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