Could You Make Your Home Greener? *

There are a lot of headlines these days about things that are damaging the planet. As more and more people start calling for change, you’re probably wondering, ‘how can I do my bit?’. While it might not feel like one household can make a difference, every little helps. Vowing to make your home greener will benefit the world around you, and help your family to adopt better habits too.

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Do your bit to help the environment with these suggestions for making your home greener.

Recycle as much as you can

While you might recycle already, are you really recycling as well as you could be? Believe it or not, there are ways to recycle everything in your home that you might not be familiar with. From recycling clothes to books and even your glasses, there is a way to recycle everything if you look into it hard enough.

Make your garden greener

Even if you’re not particularly green fingered, there are ways you can use your garden to boost the environment. Maintain the trees and plants that you’ve got, using tree specialists to help take care of trees in need of TLC. You can also plant new trees, shrubs and other plants and flowers to encourage more wildlife into your garden and support bees, birds and other creatures that are currently at risk. Not only that, but using your garden to grow your own fruit and veg will help you to eat healthier, while also saving you money.

Control your food waste

Food waste is a growing problem and is an area where you can actively do your bit to help. Some of the best ways to reduce food waste include planning your meals in advance, making use of leftover fruit and vegetables and using your freezer to keep leftovers and prepped food. By looking for ways to cut back on food waste, you’ll soon develop better habits that will reduce the amount of food you throw away as well as reducing your food budget.

Use less energy

How high are your electricity and gas bills? If they’re much higher than they should be, it’s time to cut back on how much energy you’re using. Get a smart meter and make a conscious effort to reduce your energy spend, something that will get easier as you become more energy efficient. Turning off appliances at the mains when not in use is a big money-saver, while there are ways to make your home feel cosy without turning up the heating full-blast. Your reduced energy consumption will go a long way to help the planet, and those reduced bills will provide a huge boost to your savings too.

A greener home has many benefits, and while you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment, you’ll start saving money too. Find ways you can make your home a greener place to live and make some positive changes.

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