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Glorious Kitchen Gadgets To Improve Your Cooking

You don’t have to be a whizz in the kitchen to appreciate a decent cookery gadget. In fact it might even help your limited culinary skills! Having one or two shortcuts may give your cooking the edge and save everyone from burnt lasagne and soggy soufflés

We’ve scoured the net for the very best in kitchen must-haves that save you both time and give your cooking the gourmet touch.


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Standing mixer

There are a fair amount of these on the market and they range hugely in price but be prepared, they can get quite expensive if you’re looking for a top of the range model. This Bosch version alone will set you back well over £300. Are they worth it? Every penny. The amount of time and effort that you’ll save beating, mixing, slicing, shredding and grating makes these devices worth their weight in gold.

The only drawback is that you might need a bigger kitchen to store all the attachments, so you might want to call on the services of We Fix to make that happen for you.


The fad that never disappeared and let’s face it who doesn’t want freshly squeezed juice with their breakfast. Forget cleanses, these juices are just too good to resist for whatever reason. We like the Panasonic Slow Juicer, which although a little on the small side, does exactly what it says and slowly squeezes fruit and vegetables to get the most out of them.

You might need to opt for a larger version if you’re catering for a family.


You know you’re going to get judged on the quality of your tea so getting the right kettle is crucial. Check out the beautiful Brita Breville kettle that manages to filter your water as well as boil it. If you’re not happy with the water quality in your area or if it’s a little on the hard side then this kettle is the one for you.

The best thing though is that this model is not particularly expensive and shouldn’t break the budget.

Ice cream maker

OK this isn’t exactly an essential but if you’re looking to impress your family and friends then look no further than the Gaggia Ice Cream Maker. Built to last, this produces delicious perfectly mixed ice cream time and time and again and is perfect for a variety of flavours with its built in chiller.

With just a little help in the kitchen you’ll be saving time and effort with these great gadgets. Whether you’re someone who loves spending time practicing new recipes or someone who hates the idea of spending time slaving over a hot stove, these ideas will make your cooking life much easier.

Invest a little time and effort researching what gadgets are going to work for you and find some stylish kitchen gadgets that will last. They’re well worth the investment and everyone, children included, might even be impressed with your home cooked efforts.

*This is a collaboration post.

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