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Not all boys are automatically sporty and enthusiastic about exercise. Some take some encouragement to get them moving, and it can be a bit of an effort to convince them to partake in physical activities. If you have a son who is reluctant to keep physically fit, you might need to try out a few different methods to encourage him to exercise more. A healthy approach to keeping fit is important, and you need to get a good balance between making exercise a positive thing and perhaps going too far the other way, and being a bit too forceful in how you encourage exercise.

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Get the Right Gear

It might seem like a simple thing, but just having the right clothes to exercise in can make a big difference, especially to teenage boys. It’s not just about looking good but also feeling comfortable when exercising. When you’re looking at boys sportswear, allowing your son to make his own choices can be a good way to ensure he feels more enthusiastic about sports and exercise. He might want to choose something that allows him to dress like his friends or favourite athletes, or it could just give him the opportunity to find something that he feels good wearing.

Find Something He Enjoys

Finding a sport or activity that your son enjoys is a priority. While many boys like football, rugby or the usual sports, not all of them will automatically take to these. Your son might not like team sports or contact sports and may prefer to exercise alone. Or it might be a good idea to explore some outdoor activities, whether you try canoeing or go for a hike. Trying out lots of different things can give him an opportunity to find something that he enjoys and perhaps wants to commit to.

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Be a Role Model

Setting a good example for your children is an important way to get them to develop good habits and behaviours. It’s not always easy to find time to work out, but it’s difficult to encourage your children to do something that you’re not willing to do yourself. If you can be a role model for your son by keeping fit yourself, it can be easier to get him interested in keeping fit. Plus, it’s also good for your own health and can help you to keep to good habits too.

Exercise as a Family

Exercising as a family can also be a great way to get your children to exercise. There are lots of things you can do together, whether it’s going on walks and bike rides or playing football. When you exercise as a family, it combines quality family time with keeping fit and can help to instil good habits and attitudes in your children. Having some father-son time with your son can be one of the ways you can exercise together, having fun and keeping fit.

Encourage your son to exercise by being engaged and making exercise a positive and healthy activity.

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