Going After Goals: How To Set & Achieve Them Successfully*



When you first think of the word goal, it can be really intimidating. It often feels like this big, scary, formal thing that you’ve committed to do – and the big changes it threatens are often enough to stop you from setting them in the first place. Because that’s the thing about goals. We often set them because we want to work on life changes. We have these visions in our minds of what we’d like to achieve – the things we’d really love to do with our lives. Yet, unless we start to work out how we’re going to achieve them, they’ll often just stay in our minds as wishes or hopes. For some of us, that’s okay. Because dreams are just meant to be dreams – they’re not necessarily meant to come true. But for some of us, that’s just not good enough.

When you know you want to make big changes, and there are dreams you just want to make your own, then you need to set goals. Because you need to take action if those goals are ever going to come into fruition. Yet, the overall idea of goal setting can seem so off-putting that you don’t always know where to start or what to do to get started. So that’s what we’re going to tackle in today’s post. If you know that there are things you want to work on or achieve, let’s look at how you can go after your goals by setting them and achieving them successfully.

  1. Be Realistic

So let’s kick off with something that you have to keep in mind during this entire process, and it’s to be realistic. And no, this isn’t a way of knocking your dreams down a notch. Because you can still go after some big, wild, and ambitious goals while still being realistic. When you’re realistic, you’re in the best position to work out how to achieve these goals. But when you’re unrealistic or still dreaming, you cannot fathom those goals coming true. So, you are going to want to be as realistic as possible here if you do actually want to achieve your goals.

  1. Know What’s Important

Now, as you get started on this, you need to know what’s most important to you. What dreams will give you the most happiness in life. Do you have health goals? Or hobby goals? Do you want to change careers or follow a passion? Do you want to change your body? Here, you need to know in your heart what matters the most.

  1. Consider Your Best Self

As a bit of a step on from that, you’re then going to want to make sure that you’re consider what the best version of you looks like. Because the whole idea is to become a better version of yourself – NOT to change who you are. So who is your truest and greatest self? What does she look like? How does she act? How does she think? What matters to her? Is she healthy? Is she positive? Really start to visualise what your best self looks like, and you’ll start to see some clear goals coming through.


  1. Write Out Your Goals

Now, it’s time to get serious about what you want to achieve. And the way in which you’re going to start out with this, is writing it all down. When you write down your goals, you’re taking them more seriously. They’re kept at the front of your mind. And you’re in the best possible place to start achieving them. So when you know what you want to achieve, get these goals down on paper.

  1. Break Them Down

However, you cannot just leave it there. Because as you may see, you’re still looking at some pretty scary tasks that you just cannot achieve. So, this is why you need to break them down in sizeable tasks that you CAN achieve and you CAN start to work on today. When you have actionable steps, it’s much easier for you to take that first step.

  1. Take The First Step

And now, you need to take that first step. From sending an email to joining a class, asking for help or waking up earlier, you just need to leap. Yes you will be scared, but there’s never a ‘right time’ to start, so you just need to act.

  1. Change Your Mindset

If you are still terrified to get started, or you’re just not all that convinced that you’re going to be able to do this, then you’re going to want to work on your mindset. Because when you can choose to become more positive, you will find that you’re in the best space mentally to make things happen. You’ll have more courage and confidence, you’ll be excited and you’ll look on the bright side. So work on making this adjustment first.

  1. Invest In Yourself

When you’re ready to get started and excited about the results you’re going to get, you need to start investing yourself. And this can take practice because you need to align your actions and your financial priorities to suit this. But getting uncomfortable is going to allow you to make some incredible changes.

  1. Procure The Right Help

And sometimes, you’re going to need expert help. You might need a trainer, a nutritionist, a life coach, a recruiting consultant, a music teacher, language teacher, or even a financial advisor! But the point is, if you know you need to bring in the experts that allow you to get closer to your goals.

  1. And The Right Equipment

But not only that, it might be that you need to have the right equipment around you to reach your dreams to tick off a certain step. So invest. Take a look at what you need and work for that. From a treadmill to a course, from Kawai pianos to language software – invest. Save up, research, and procure what you need. Because the right equipment can often propel you to the next level.

  1. Go Easy On Yourself

Woman looking at mountain viewImage

Something that might happen during this process, that you start to beat yourself up a little. Because you will have setbacks and hurdles to leap. However, you just have to go easy on yourself. You will make mistakes and you will fail – but that’s a good thing, because you will learn more and improve as a result.

  1. Track Your Progress

Another thing to remember here, is that you are going to be growing from week to week. But because you’re living your life, you may not see how far you’ve come. So you will want to make sure that you are keeping tabs on your learning, your changes, your improvements – just to know that you’re getting closer to your goals.

  1. Enjoy The Journey

But above all else, you absolutely need to make sure that you are enjoying the journey. Because there isn’t a destination. You might think you’re working towards that. But if you don’t love the journey towards getting there, you won’t love the destination. So make sure that you’re doing things you love, every single day.


  1. Focus On How You Feel

Now, one little tip before we almost wrap up here – and it’s to focus on how you feel every single day. Don’t live in your mind and believe that a certain image or way of life we lead to happiness. Instead, make sure that you focus on feeling happy every single day. Work out what matters in life. Sometimes, those goals you first wrote out will change. And that’s okay. Because as long as you’re working towards feeling great, you’re on the right track.

  1. Prioritise Your Growth

Finally, as you’re going through all of the actions, just make sure that you’re also prioritising your growth. Because when you’re putting your attention on becoming a better person, you’ll find that you are feeling fulfilled. More often than not, it’s more about living up to your potential and doing what you love that matters, not what the specific goals are themselves. So if you’re focusing on this, your life will truly feel changed.

And that’s all it’s going to take. Okay, so that can actually look and seem like a lot. But it doesn’t have to be. The whole idea here is that you break it all down. That you work out what you need to do, and what steps you need to take, so that you’re able to actually make your dreams a reality. And as you can see, no dream is really too high or unattainable if you work hard at achieving it. As you take those small steps, you’re going to find that everything falls into place. And it’s not so scary overall. Plus, there’s nothing more motivating than taking a steps and seeing it all plan out. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to goal set and goal get!

*This is a collaboration post

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  1. Jhoei

    October 16, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    The most important here is being realistic. It would be easy to achieve something if its is realistic and feasible.

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