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It can feel quite out-of-place to say this in October, but Christmas will soon be here. If this year is anything to go by, two months can fly past and seemingly disappear into the ether without warning. That means that before you know it, the time you’ll spend reading these words and waking up on Christmas morning will be gone.

That’s not to make you worry of course, it’s only something that we all come to notice about life. So, if we’re going to have Christmas in this rollercoaster of a worrying year, it’s best to do it well. However, seeing as though job security in 2020 can be something of a worrying prospect, it’s important to know how to move forward and give yourself just a little bit of financial wiggle room.

You may have already enacted a few little efforts, such as cancelling your Christmas trip when you know that travelling in the time of Covid-19 isn’t the wisest option. That can save a little bit of money. Yet in order to provide a Christmas you consider ‘most normal,’ giving yourself a bit of wriggle room is important.

Here’s what that may look like:

Consider Low-Cost Alternatives

Consider low-cost alternatives that help you make the most of Christmas. To use a particular example of this that you in no way need to replicate, purchasing a nice steamed ham for your Christmas meat instead of booking an expensive turkey or goose can be the kind of alternative we’re talking about. Perhaps you could create your own fun little packages instead of purchasing crackers. Maybe you could make your own stock and freeze it from prior meals instead of purchasing an expensive stock for Christmas day. Little alternatives like this, added up, can save you plenty of money.

Craft Your Own Decorations

Crafting your own decorations can be fun, especially if you have children! Making snowflakes out of paper and coloured tissue, or using photographs to line the Christmas tree for a personable, family theme, or bringing out the RGB lights you might have to serve as stairway liners, all of these little creative additions can help you avoid spending over the odds on your decorative abilities while still having fun making the most of Christmas and the preparation of its day.

Consider Financing Options

Considering financing options can be a great use of your time. For instance, you might wish to finance a few of the children’s presents, even if that means simply opting for a four-part payment plan to split up the cost of the order a little. Some people use payday loans, some use cumulated points with a service via their credit card, and some people use coupons or build up their loyalty points to help them stock the Christmas table with purchased goods at the end of the year. Considering financing options gives you a little bit of time to feel confident in your financial plan at the end of the year.

With this advice, we hope you can have a wonderful Christmas in 2020, capping off a bad year with a loving, warm celebration.

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