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Are you looking for some great ways to keep fit and stay active that are outside the norm? Here are some of the best options you can enjoy by yourself or with the family. 

Dance The Night Way

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If you want to get fit without the kids and spend some quality time with your partner at the same time, we recommend thinking about dance lessons. Professionals like Arthur Murray can teach you everything you need to know so you’ll learn a great new skill at the same time. However, you’ll also certainly build up a sweat, tone up the tum and look great after just a few lessons. You also will be able to show up everyone on the dance floor at the next wedding that you attend! 

Wild Swimming 

Do you love swimming? It can be a little dull constantly visiting the pool though, can’t it? Well, why not try swimming outdoors? Also known as wild swimming, this is about getting wet in rivers, lakes and of course, the ocean as well as waterfalls. There are a few things to be aware of before you try this yourself. First, you need to make sure that it’s safe. Do check online because you’ll usually find tourist information about known wild swimming spots. 

A great tip would be to start with a river. This provides a shallow area for the little ones while you test your power swimming upstream. This can give you a fantastic workout, even if you just spend about forty minutes attempting to make progress.

Bring A Furry Friend Home 

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You can also think about bringing a pet home into the family. Pets are great because they actively encourage you to exercise, particularly dogs. You just need to make sure you choose an active breed and not one that’s going to become a sofa parasite. Labs are great and will need about an hour of exercise every day. Be warned though, they never actually master the art of growing up. You’ll have a pup long after the hair around their nose begins to turn grey. 

Of course, a dog brings other benefits to your home. For instance, dogs are great for teaching kids responsibilities. It won’t just be you looking after them and if you can get the children involved this is going to be a great learning exercise. 


Could gaming be the right choice to get you active? This is another one that you can enjoy with the kids…or without the kids? There’s a lot of parents that are far more invested in catching them all then their little ones. Yes, Pokemon Go is still popular and there’s now a Harry Potter version too! That one hasn’t quite picked up as much steam but it’s great if you’re a fan. There’s also plenty of options for playing at home with the family. With VR coming into full swing we’re only just starting to see the potential of home games that keep you active. 

Hopefully, this helps you discover some great new ways to keep fit that you might not have considered. It certainly proves that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be incredibly enjoyable and a tad adventurous. 

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