Fun Gifts for the Man in Your Life*

It’s that time of year again, so you need to start thinking about what you’re going to buy for the man in your life. It’s always tricky finding him something you think he’ll love that he doesn’t have already. But if you’re feeling stuck for ideas and don’t know where to turn, don’t worry because we’ve got plenty of ideas that are perfect gifts for men. Read on to get inspired and maybe find the ideal Christmas gift for your man.

A Sports Car Driving Experience

If they love driving cars and have never actually had the chance to drive a high-end sports car, this could be the treat that they really love. It’ll offer them a way to drive a car that’s faster than anything they’ve ever been behind the wheel of before. And they’ll have the chance to push the car to its limits and take it around the track with a professional driver next to them.

A Retro Marshall Amp for a Smartphone

For music lovers, this retro Marshall amp is a throwback to the old style guitar amps that many rockers have made use of in the past. But rather than hooking up your electric guitar to it, you simply plug in your smartphone and listen to your music in much higher quality. It’s a great gift idea for any man who loves his music, so definitely consider it.

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A Personalised Number Plate

If like most men the person you’re buying for is in love with his car and feels a real sense of pride in its presentation, this could be the ideal gift for them. These personal plates are very easy to get hold of and they could be just what he’s looking for to finish off that car and make it feel truly his. It’s definitely an idea to consider if he’s a car lover.

A Transparent Screen to Display Messages in the Car

These little screens are very useful and they can make driving so much safer too. No one should be looking at their phone to read messages when they’re driving, and with this, they’ll never have to again. The transparent screen sits on the dashboard and can display text messages as they arrive. It’s easy to read them without straining or looking down at a phone.

Tickets to a James Bond Walking Tour

If he’s a film lover, having the chance to take a walking tour of the sites from the James Bond movies in London can be a great idea. These tickets are affordable and the experience is renowned for being one of the best walking tours in London, so it’s definitely something to consider if they’re a fan of the films.

Finding that perfect gift for the man in your life can be pretty tough and it’s not always clear which route you should take. But hopefully the ideas outlined here will have given you some ideas and some inspiration for you to take forward when you’re shopping for that perfect gift.


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