Finally Attempting Those Life Changes You Want To Make*

Finally Attempting Those Life Changes You Want To Make

Making a change in your life is going to take a lot of energy, and maybe a little pain every now and then, but that makes it a worthy venture we should all think about walking down! But because it’s going to take so much effort, and you’ll have to break yourself out of some comfortable yet extremely bad habits, we can put it off and off until we feel so bad about our lives we start to lose a little bit of hope.

So before it gets to that stage, or to stop it from going beyond that stage, now’s a perfect time for you to grab the changes you want by the horns and make them happen! So here’s a few ways to gentle yourself into a new lease of life.

Change Neon Sign

Why not take this glowing neon sign as the right sign it’s time? (Image)

Start Journaling

Writing out your feelings is a very healthy way to cope with them. It’s not only the bad ones you should make note of. If you do, you start to associate the idea of journaling, and getting your emotions out, with all the things that make you sad and angry, and that definitely isn’t good for your psyche! Instead, make sure you write down the good things, and make a note to come up with something good that happened to you that day that you can write down. Even the smallest things, like a bit of cheese you enjoyed, or the good dream you had whilst napping, are deserving of a mention in your new journal.

Because when you write down all the positive things in your life, you train your brain to react more positively to the world around you. You start being able to see the good things in every experience you have, and you have something nice to come back to and read at the end of the year!

Think About Changing Your Name

Your name was given to you at birth, and you’ve held it all your life, living each good and bad experience as the named person you currently are. And that’s something that might be getting you down recently; if you’ve come out of a period of recovery after an injury or maybe an addiction, or you’ve had to deal with a traumatic experience recently, or maybe you just want to hold the same name as your mother and you haven’t since your parents split, you might start seeing a disconnect between the person you are now and the name you had before.

So, you might want to think about changing it, which is a lot easier to manage than you might think! Yes, it’s a serious step to take, but if it means a change in your life for the better, it’s an option worth exploring at the least. There’s a deed poll document out there with your new name on it, and you can always reach out for some legal aid if you’re not sure of what to do next.

Clean Up Your Surroundings

Tidy people have tidy minds, and not only that, but it’s been proven time and again that the cleaner your surroundings are, the better mood you’ll be in. And if you’ve had nothing but a mood that’s weighed you down for the past couple of months, the first step to feeling better is breaking out a vacuum and spraying some polish around.

Give yourself an hour right now to clean the house around you. Pick those clothes up off the floor, fold them, put them in a drawer. Wash the dishes in the sink, and let them sit and dry on the draining board (you don’t even need to put them away, and it’s still a lot cleaner!). Change the rubbish bag in your bedroom bin, and take it outside for the waste collection.

All in all, if you see something that looks messy, or you’ve noticed some dried food and drink stains on your bed sheet or your kitchen counter, take five minutes to change your bed or wipe the surface down. And once you’re down, notice how your mood immediately lifts. It’ll put a smile on your face, maybe the first of many more to come.


Remember, making life changes takes effort, there’s no way around that. But there’s some small steps that make a big difference, and a small step can look like anything, as long as it’s in the right direction!

AD – *This is a collaboration post.

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