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Did you just get engaged? If so, congratulations! It’s the first step to an unforgettable life together. If you are keen to start planning (as many brides-to-be are) it’s good to create a list of all of the things you need to remember to organise. To make the planning a little less daunting, a quick and easy guide that you can use to organise your bid day!

Set A Reasonable Budget

Now, weddings are undeniably expensive. So you want to make sure that you stick to a budget. Just like when you are budgeting with bills, you want to know that you are having your dream wedding at a price that you can afford. Often, people tend to go a little OTT when it comes to weddings. So just think about what you really want and need. It’s your day, after all – so although you will obviously want your guests to have an amazing day, every decision you make should be yours.

Start To Think About The Theme

Once you have laid out your budget, you can start to think about what you want your theme to be. This is where your personality can really shine. People have all sorts of themes, from a Harry Potter wedding to a wedding filled with retro sweets. Think about what suits you as a couple and go from there! You can make the theme as subtle or as quirky as you want – just make sure that if you have a distinct theme that this begins to become apparent from your invitations.

Visit Potential Venues

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning is going to see a venue. Before heading out, you will want to make sure that you have done some research, checked the availability and that you have booked in an appointment. A wedding planner will then be able to meet you at the venue, before giving you a tour and discussing the final details with you. Through seeing multiple wedding venues you will get a good idea of which is your favourite, which you can then book.

Get The Paperwork Organised

This might not be one of the first things that comes to mind, but it’s nevertheless important. You will need to make sure that you pay a deposit for the venue, arrange the wedding with the registrar and get all of the other necessary paperwork sorted before you send out your wedding invites. Without legal documents, you won’t be able to get married – so it’s better to get this sorted as soon as possible!

Create A Guest List

Ok, so this might seem incredibly scary. But it shouldn’t be that way! For the guest list, you simply need to sit down with your partner and think about who you really want there. With weddings, there is always a looming thought that you have to invite all of your family. And although that might appease your older relatives, it’s YOUR wedding! Think about who you would miss if they weren’t there and plan from there. A good guide of how many people you can invite will be the amount that you are allowed at the venue.

As well as a guest list you can start to think about who you want as your bridesmaids and your fiance can think about who he wants as his groomsmen.

Send Out Your Save The Dates

Save the dates will not only get you excited about your wedding but it will get your guests excited too! In the save the date, you can mention the venue, date and time – as well as any other details you want to include. With save the dates, you can either make them yourself or purchase them through a professional website. Either way, they are a great way of ensuring that people know the date and time of your wedding.

Start To Research Suppliers

At this stage, you can start to look at florists, singers, etc. By inquiring about their prices and availability, it will become clear which ones are appropriate for your big day. If you’re ready at this stage, you can book them in advance – to ensure that they are free.

Send Your Invitations

By around the 6-8 month mark, you can start to send out your wedding invitations! Whether you make them yourself (you can purchase wedding invites from Pure Invitation that comes in easy-to-use kits) or purchase them premade, your wedding invitations will not only include all of the relevant information needed for the day, but it can also include an RSVP form. From this, you will see who can come and who can’t – giving you a better idea of who to cater for on the day.

Book Your Caterer

Some venues will include a caterer in the wedding package. But if you need to find a caterer yourself, it’s a good idea to get this organised in plenty of time. This will give you enough time to taste the food and arrange what the menu will include with the provider. The cater you choose will depend on the style of food that you want on your big day. For example, some might favour a buffet, whilst others will prefer a sit-down meal.

Book Your Photographer

Yet again, it’s good to get your photographer booked in plenty of time to ensure that they are free. Wedding photographers can be booked up to 2 years in advance, so the moment you see one free, give them a call or message them. You don’t want to miss out on an amazing photographer because they are unavailable. One word of caution with wedding photographers is, however, that they can vary hugely in price – so make sure you are aware of how much their services cost before booking them.

Buy Your Dress, Your Bridesmaids Dresses, etc.

Buying your wedding dress is an exciting experience – no matter if it’s your first wedding or your third. Heading to the bridal shop with your family, you will get to try on a variety of dresses before finally settling on your dream one. Just make sure that you start to look at dresses quite early, as you might have to have alterations before the big day.

Around the same time, you can also buy your bridesmaids dresses and your fiance can buy his suit (as well as the groomsmen’s suits, of course).

Book Your Honeymoon

After your big day, you might want to book a honeymoon. Where you choose to go for your honeymoon, of course, is up to you. With many options available, you can choose from tropical paradises or artic wonderlands! Make sure you book your honeymoon as soon as possible and that you include in the booking that it’s your honeymoon – who knows, you might be upgraded!

Order Your Wedding Cake

A few months before your wedding you can go cake shopping! During the shopping, you will be able to try different samples of cake which will give you an idea of what flavour cake you want! You can then arrange for the cake to be created for your big day.

Get Your Rings Fitted

Getting your wedding rings fitted is a magical day. As you head to the jewellers you will be able to choose the style you want. You can then purchase the rings and ask them to be resized so that they comfortably fit.

Arrange Stag and Hen Nights

As the day gets closer, you can arrange your stag and hen nights! This is a fun night (or a few nights) of fun that you and your partner can have with friends. No matter how you spend your stag and hen nights, it will be one to remember before the special day!

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