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In recent years, online shopping has seen tremendous growth. Most retailers are offering consumers more product and service selections with an array of payment options. The wake of the Covid-19 pandemic has made thousands of shoppers switch to online shopping.

Although online shopping is convenient, it’s marred with scams. Cybercrimes are also on the rise, where cybercriminals target uninformed and unwary individuals. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop online.

These tips help you become a smart online shopper.

1. Trade with Familiar Websites

Shopping online is about taking a risk to trust invisible business to deliver your products. You should then be careful when ordering your items or services. Start by shopping from familiar websites.

Websites like Amazon, Alibaba, MT5, e-Bay, among others, are known for their credibility.

Be careful with sites that have misspellings. The sales might be enticing, but that’s a trick for you to give up your information. Using familiar websites is also a smart financial move since you don’t risk losing your hard-earned money.

2. Create Strong Passwords

Shopping online means giving your banking details. This is where an uncrackable password comes in handy.

When creating your password, make it poetic. It might be from Pussy Riot or Shakespeare. Whatever the verse or stanza, your password will appear unique for hackers to crack it.

Mix symbols, digits, as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. Make it better by creating a longer password. However, ensure you make it memorable.

Work on a password based on a song, favorite quote, or poem, including easy-to-type padding.

3. Check the Seller

Perform your due diligence before shopping. The BBB has a scam tracker and online directory of all reliable websites. Google is also full of retailer reviews.

However, be careful with online reviews as con retailers can craft them. It’s okay to see positive reviews, but it gets suspicious where all 200 reviews are positive.

Ensure you have a working number and concrete address. If things go wrong, you’ll know where to take complaints. If possible, call them before making an order.

This helps you to clarify on the return policy and warranty.

4. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Ensure you’re using a secure internet connection. Public Wi-Fi in shopping centers, coffee shops, and malls are prone to hacking. This is because public Wi-Fi is unsecured, meaning your information you send to online stores can be easily accessed by fraudsters.

5. Avoid Enticing Offers

Those “too good” offers are meant to entice unwary customers. Low-ball prices are a sign of scams, substandard products. If you see such items, you may also want to consider if the merchant got them legally.

Most of them are damaged items that sellers want to get rid of.

6. Ensure the Site is Secure

Shop from a reliable web address. The page should begin with “HTTPS” and not “HTTP.” The “HTTPS” shows you that the website is encrypted and secure for maximum protection.

The Bottom Line

Online shopping should not be scary. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll enjoy the convenience of shopping online. With these tips, let online shopping begin!

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