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5 Ways To Keep You And Your Family Fit

Fitness can be a family activity. If you and your family need to exercise more, here are just some things that you could do together to help stay fit.  

Get on your bike

Cycling is a great activity to take up as a family. If you live in a town there could be a local village that you can cycle to as a day activity. Alternatively, you could try cycling with the kids to school. If you’re taking roads, you may want to look into putting your kids through a cycling road safety course first. Make sure that you’ve got all the right safety gear too such as helmets and lights for cycling in the evening.  

Splash out on a day at the pool

Another great family activity is swimming. You may want to get your kids to take swim classes first so that you can get the full benefit of this – you can then try racing against each other at the local pool or playing pool-based games that will get you active. Outdoor pools can be great in the summer. Meanwhile, there could be an indoor waterpark that you can use all year round, adding an extra element of fun to a pool day.

Play games in the garden

You don’t have to venture far from home to get involved in family activities. There could be many fun and free things that you can do in your garden such as playing football, having a water fight, playing with a skipping rope or playing schoolyard games like Stuck in the Mud. Even if you don’t have a garden, there may be a local park where you can go to play these games.

Take a walk in the woods

Hiking can also be a great family activity and can appeal to kids’ sense of adventure. A walk in the woods could allow you to get some exercise whilst learning about nature and getting fresh air. You could even organise to have a picnic along the way. Try varying up each walk you take so that your kids don’t get bored.

Take up a family class together

There could be an activity class that you can all take up as a family. Martial arts clubs are popular amongst families and can be a great way of staying fit and learning self-defence. There may also be tennis and badminton clubs in your area catered to families that could allow you to play competitively with others. You and your kids may also end up making new friends by joining a club. Club memberships can be expensive, although in a lot of cases kids can be discounted or even go free.

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