3 Eco-Conscious Product Swaps To Help Make Your Business Greener | Pip Milburn


It can be really attractive to potential customers when a business is taking extra steps to ensure that they are doing their best to be environmentally friendly. In recent years some customers will only shop with specific companies that are sustainable.

It can take time and money to change up the items you use to be reused again, but it will make a big difference to you and your company.

Reusable bottles

Plastic cups in water stations can often be forgotten about because they are small, everyday items. It can mount up to many plastics each day, with employees needing drinks throughout the day. Although allowing your staff to reuse the same plastic cup can be an option, there is a cheaper and more sustainable option. Investing in Hippo Bottles could transform your business in many ways. These stainless steel bottles allow you to reduce your use of cups, saving you a lot of money each year and being an excellent gift for every employee, where they could even choose their color and size. Both keep your staff happy with a company gift and save you money and time ordering endless amounts of one-use plastic cups.

Pens and notebooks

It can be a great idea to switch them up for a more sustainable option than usual stationery items. There are loads of notebooks and pens out there where they are made from recycled materials such as water bottles. Recently stone notebooks have been popular for their waterproof and tear-proof features that help many businesses reduce the amount of paper they use while helping the environment. The recycled pens can often be compostable and have changeable refills to save room in your office and less harmful to your budgets as they are cheaper. They can still come in various colors, and some companies have the option of having them engraved with your company logo or your employee’s names, so they don’t lose them in the workplace!

Shipping and mailing

Keeping shipping costs at a low price often means unrecyclable materials due to them being easy to keep within budgets. Researching and investing a little more into your shopping supplies to be more sustainable will boost your customers’ experience. They receive your parcel because it shows you are committed to helping the environment, your customers, and your business. Using recycled cardboard for stuffing rather than plastic foam or airbags will help to protect your products. Do not forget about the sealing products you use, such as sellotape, as these can be swapped for paper tape. Many companies have stopped including paper invoices, and instead, they are resulting in email copies that they can use for reference, which can save you a lot of paper and ink. If you are serious about being eco-conscious, then you could search for a courier service that is environmentally friendly by using electric cars and green methods to deliver your parcels to reduce emissions and harmful chemicals being emitted.

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