Why Adding Premium Furnishings To Your Home Is SO Worth It | Pip Milburn

Sometimes, it is hard to justify spending money on premium products when the bog-standard version will suffice. But there are occasions when splurging makes a lot of sense and can help save you money in the long term. 

Spending a lot of money on a bicycle, for instance, probably isn’t worth the money. Sure, you’ll get lighter components, but it probably won’t make a big difference to your quality of life over the very long term. Contrast that with investing in, say, hardwood flooring, and you can immediately see the difference. Suitable flooring can last for decades. 

When it comes to interiors, splurging really can make a world of difference to your quality of life. So long as you keep on top of things like cleaning timber floors, you can ensure that home features retain their value. 

Here’s why adding premium furnishings to your home is SO worth it. 

Fewer Callouts

When you opt for cheaper furnishings, especially boilers and white goods, you inevitably have to spend more time servicing and maintaining them. It comes with the territory. Most cheap appliances cut costs on their internal components, choosing items that wear out more quickly under regular use. Thus, the upfront price might be less than the premium model, but you ultimately wind up paying more over the long-term and often have to replace machinery sooner.

It Creates The Wow Factor


If you’re entertaining guests – or even if you’re selling your home – premium furnishings create the wow factor. Hardwood floors, Italian tiling and marble kitchen work surfaces all instantly create a visual impression. People aren’t used to seeing high-quality finishes in people’s homes since the majority of owners opt for the less expensive versions.

Again, just like boilers and white goods, high-quality furnishings can stand the test of time. An Italian tiled floor could last fifty years or more. A cheap carpet might only keep you going for two before you need to replace it!

You Can Take More Pride In Your Home

Having a home of which you’re proud is important. You want your property to reflect your achievements. If you’re using cheap vinyl floors and fibreboard all over the place, it is hard to get the same sense of pride and accomplishment.

Here’s where expensive purchasing furnishings can help. If you have a granite worktop in your kitchen, you’re going to feel a lot better about it than, say, if you’re using regular, cheap wood. Similarly, if you have a rain shower fitted in your bathroom, you’re going to have a much more pleasant bathroom experience than, say, if you kept your regular plastic shower head. The function is essentially the same, but the feeling you get is very different indeed. 

You Can Create More Interesting Interiors

Finally, there’s no doubting the fact that premium furnishings help you to create the interiors of your dreams. When you go to the high end of the market, you can instantly get something that smacks of originality and artistry. It is an entirely different experience.

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