What Winter Weather Does To Your Doors And Windows*

The winter has a lot to throw at us, usually in the form of the weather we experience. It ruins our hair before work, it freezes our car windscreen and slows us down, and it can close down our kids’ schools, meaning we have to find someone to look after them whilst we’re at work too! It’s a time of year in which we all feel a bit down and out, and there’s usually no other part of our lives that it affects more than the home we live in.

Pipes can freeze and burst in the bathroom, flooding the rest of the house. The heating can go kaput on you, seemingly out of nowhere. And then comes the exterior of your home, and all the structural and cosmetic damage that can be done – particularly to your windows and your doors.

So let’s think about those effects in a little more detail below.  

What Winter Weather Does To Your Doors And Windows


Crack the Material of the Door

The door that leads into your house is a pretty crucial part of your home design, wouldn’t you say? So when it starts to wear away, with all kinds of holes and rough patches in the material, it’s clear something needs to be done. This is particularly important if you have a timber or wooden front door; the winter weather can freeze the wood, causing the door to expand and stick in its frame, and then making the hinges crack and break. Ultimately, it can ruin the integrity of the door itself.

Getting an overhang installed on the top of the door can help to block the majority of the wind and the rain and the snow, so think about adding a little porch onto the front of your home. Of course, you could get the door replaced with something of a more UPVC material, which is much better at holding up against extreme weather conditions, but this can be quite costly.

Stiffen the Opening Mechanisms

Your windows allow you to see outside into the world, and give you plenty of fresh air and natural temperatures when you need some. Of course, in the cold weather, you’re unlikely to be opening the windows, and using your double glazing to the max. But that can cause problems – if your insulation isn’t up to standard, the winter weather can completely stiffen and break the opening mechanisms. What are you meant to do?

Well, you can look into a Facelift for Homes and get your windows replaced entirely, if the damage is that extensive. If the panes have started to wear away as well, and you’ve noticed the damp sinking in and helping some black mold to grow, this will be your best option. But mostly, you might be able to get away with simply oiling and rubbing down the hinges – you can grab spray cans from your local home depot store.

Winter weather can cause all kinds of problems in your home, but make sure you sort the exterior house issues out first.

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