Transitional Interior Trends: How To Usher In The Autumn In Style*

Does anyone else suddenly feel like the sun-drenched days of summer are a distant memory? Just a couple of weeks ago, we were basking in a very non-British heatwave, and now, we’re hurtling towards autumn at a rate of knots. The changing seasons offer a great opportunity to embrace new interior trends and try out some new looks. If you’re keen to ensure your home is ready to usher in cooler climes, here are some top tips.

Transitional Interior Trends- How To Usher In The Autumn In Style

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One of the most simple, but most effective, ways to embrace a new season is to switch up your colourways. In the spring and summer months, we tend to opt for light shades, pastels, and bright colours, but the colder months are much better suited to darker tones and more sumptuous shades. If you have plain walls, you don’t have to get out your roller and start covering white with black, but think about the way you use accessories, and add some coloured accents to lift the aesthetic. Earthy tones, jewel colours, and monochrome palettes work well in the autumn. Be as bold or as subtle as you like. Paper the walls or paint a wall to make a style statement, or use plant pots, candle holders, storage jars and soft furnishings to inject colour.


In the summer, there’s nothing better than walking around barefoot on a cool floor, but when temperatures take a tumble, this may not be the ideal situation. Consider adding some carpeted areas to your home to keep your toes toasty when it gets chilly outside. There’s a vast range of carpets available out there, and you can choose from different colours, patterns, and textures to suit your style and the purpose of the room. Carpet tends to work best in bedrooms and living rooms. If you have slate, tile or wooden floors, and you don’t want to change your flooring, add rugs for extra cosiness.

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When it’s warm and bright outside, most of us aim to let as much natural light in as possible. As we move towards darker mornings and early sunsets, it’s not going to be possible to rely on the sun for much longer. Lighting has an incredibly powerful impact on the mood and ambience of a room, and it can also really add to the aesthetic of your home. Match your lighting to the style of the room, and the vibe you’re going for. If you’ve got a rustic sitting room with a wood-burner, old-fashioned wingback chairs and baskets of logs by the fire, opt for vintage-style standing lamps and church candles. If you have a modern kitchen, look at oversized hanging pendant lamps or add extra light with hidden spots.


Most of us feel the need to cuddle up and hibernate on frosty evenings. If you’re keen to encapsulate that cosy feel this autumn/winter, invest in fabrics like wool, faux fur, and velvet, and add texture with cushions, blankets, throws, and rugs.

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Are you planning a seasonal mini-makeover? If you’re looking for transitional trends to prepare your home for autumn, hopefully, this guide has given you food for thought.

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