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Your drains are a complex network of pipes that run through the house, then under the ground and hook up with the mains sewer pipes, and it is a common occurrence to experience a partial or complete blockage. Here are a few tips to ensure that your drainage system always flows.

Start A Compost Corner
  • You are probably wondering what this has to do with drains, yet by putting all food waste into a special plastic container and adding it to the compost corner you made earlier, you are preventing food waste from going into the drainage system. Moreover, you can grow some healthy organic vegetables that the whole family can enjoy.
Make Family Members Aware
  • By informing the entire family about the risk of a drain blockage, they will ensure that they do not allow anything solid to enter the drains. Removing the clogged up human hair that is left in the shower will certainly help, and if the whole family pitch in, your chances of a drain blockage are greatly reduced.

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Install Fine Mesh Grills Over Sink Plug Holes 
  • Calling out the local drain unblockers is not something you want to experience, and by inserting fine mesh grills over all sink plug holes, you are preventing foreign objects from entering the drainage system. The kitchen sink is usually the worst, as cooking oil and food residue is allowed to enter the drainage system, while showers and baths are a great escape for soap residue and human hair, and when they combine and stick to the inner surface of your drainage pipes, this can be the beginning of a blocked drain.
Flushing The Kitchen Sink With Boiling Water
  • Doing this on a weekly basis will prevent any build up in that section, and the same can be done with the bathroom sink. You could add some baking soda, which is known to help remove residue from drainage pipes. In the event you do experience a partial or total blockage, tackling it yourself might lead to an even worse scenario, so it is better to call in the professionals, who can quickly rectify the problem. While the experts are there, why not have them power wash the entire system? That way, you are preventing any future blockages.
Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned
  • If you call in a professional drain cleaning company every year, they can flush the system through, which will remove any residue that sticks to the pipe surface. Not only that, the professional drain cleaner uses a CTTV camera mounted on a small buggy and this will give him a close-up view of any pipe section. If you would like some more detailed information on drain cleaners, there are articles on the matter that you can find online.

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Over the years, other factors could cause a blocked drain, as ground subsidence and growing tree roots can adversely affect your drainage pipes. With an annual inspection and power clean, you should not experience any drain issues, especially if you stick to the above advice, and should the worst happen, call out a professional drain unblocker, rather than attempting to unblock it yourself.

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