Spick & Span: Making Materials Shine Among Your Decor

Spick & Span: Making Materials Shine Among Your Decor

There’s no point in having great furniture, fittings, fixtures and more if you don’t allow them to stand out as much as possible. It’s one thing to say that cleanliness will make the interior attractive, but bringing out the shine in your materials is next to godliness. Whether it’s in the living room where the majority of your guests will sit, or in the bedroom where only you can see the quality of your decor, the sheen and reflective power is going to give your home another level of opulence.

Power in polishing

If you have ever been to a Royal house or a country manor, you will have seen how bright the sofas look. Even if they are in a dark earth brown or perhaps a burgundy red, the sofa is always reflecting the natural or unnatural light. It gives the sofa a silent power, something that looks pristine and almost a pleasure to sit on. If you own a leather sofa, learn how to polish it and keep it in great condition. Leather is hide, and hide is skin. Therefore, just like our skin it has cells that interlink. Whenever the leather is dry, the tiny gap between the cells begins to widen and crack. Polishing or waxing the leather will keep the flexibility in the cells and give them a body that will support the structure of the sofa.

Brown Leather Chair Image

A welcoming table

Having guests is about spending time together and socialising. But, we all know that the crescendo to the gathering is of course when it’s time to dine. The cutlery is the shining piece of the dining table. The way your forks, knives and spoons reflect the light will add to the occasion. If they are dull it will look mundane, but if the cutlery is gleaming it will look rather splendid and upper class. For your best cutlery, you won’t want to use normal tap water to clean them, instead a commercial water softener is far better suited to the job. It will take out the impurities in the tap water, and therefore not allow minute scratches to form on the surface, which ultimately, deaden the shine that the cutlery may produce.

tableware cutleryImage

Lemon and light

Clean, sparkling windows give guest and visitors to your home a great first impression. To shine your windows and allow the sunshine to bounce off the surface, you should use cleaning products that have lemon as an ingredient. Lemon is a natural acid and sugar, that will peel away layers of dirt without damaging the glass.

washing dishesImage

A home that is spick and span can look as if it belongs on the front page of an interior design magazine. The way the light shines off your furniture and windows is the biggest indication of whether or not you have achieved this.


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