Sell Your home: How The Interior Could do It For You*

Selling your home can be just as stressful as buying your new one. It’s hard to let people into your house and hope they love it just as much as you did. You may only be selling to move on to a bigger house for more space; perhaps you wouldn’t leave if you didn’t need to. But in the same breath our homes are an investment, so if we do have to sell, we want to achieve the highest sale price we can. But, doing that can often be  more difficult than it would seem. You may have decorated your home to your taste, but will that appeal to the mass market? Does your interior need a refresh in order to sell? The chances are it does. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the ways your interior can help you do that.

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The flooring in your home can have a big impact on the sale. It is one of the biggest things in your house and therefore can make a room look brighter. Some buyers want to be able to move into a home without the need to have a big expense; flooring can be one of those things to a new buyer. However replacing your floors with things like laminate doesn’t have to cost that much. But could make a big difference to your overall sale cost.

Painted walls

We all have the right to decorate our houses how we want; they can be an extension of our personality. So if you wanted red walls in your bedroom and a lovely purple theme in your living room then that’s great. But your potential buyer may not have a thing for those colours. A great tip would be to paint the walls in your home a neutral shade, or try pastel colours instead. Again this will appeal to a buyer on two levels. The first being that the house will be livable straight away and the likelihood is that their furniture will match. The second being that they won’t have the expense themselves. For you, this means you can charge a higher price because your house is very saleable.  

Minimal furnishings

When selling your home, it’s a good idea to minimise the amount of furniture you have. Just keep each room with a functional amount in there. This will allow a new buyer to envision where their furniture may go and how they will use the rooms. When a buyer looks around your home, the idea is that they will be able to imagine where certain pieces of furniture will go. Styling a room to give that impression, such as a space for wardrobes or drawers, or where a sofa would go will allow people to make that connection. This is why houses that are furnished can sell quickly and at a higher price than houses that are empty. Some people just don’t have that creative vision to imagine where things will go, you need to do it for them. But at the same time, too much stuff can make a room appear small and the buyers can also become distracted if there is too much in a room.

Make use of smaller spaces

I get it, sometimes our homes have less than desirable areas. A part of your kitchen that is screaming out for a table and chairs but yet too small to house one. An area of a living room that needs a chair, but you just can’t find the right one to fill it. This is when creating bespoke furniture can make a big difference to how your home looks. A carpenter can work to the measurements, foam can create comfort, and you can buy sheets of the stuff to double up, and the upholstering in a lovely piece of material. It fills a space and gives it functionality, therefore making your home ready to be lived in by the new purchaser.

A tidy and clean space

Another great tip would be to declutter your home and keep it tidy. Again this takes away any distraction from the buyer and allows them to see your home’s potential. An untidy and unclean house can be off putting, but putting your best foot forward means you can demand the big bucks.

Think about things from a buyer’s perspective

Finally, think about things from a buyer’s point of view. Walk round your home and try and look at it as if you were buying it. You’d be surprised on the things you pick up on. This will allow you to make changes ready for your viewings to commence.

I hope this helps you sell your home easier and for the most amount of money.

Pip x

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