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Home improvements or renovations are always very exciting. Who doesn’t love the thought of improving their home and seeing how different it looks? The only downside is that they require a lot of work. Some renovations can be very extensive and leave you with builders coming and going for weeks on end. If this is the case, you might struggle to deal with all of this. What’s the home renovation etiquette? Should you do anything, do you have to be around? It’s all very confusing!

So, here are my tips for dealing with an extensive home improvement project:

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Stay out of the way

Unless you’re the person doing the work, stay out of the way! I know, you want to try and keep a close eye on the builders to ensure they’re working. But, you end up getting in their way and slowing down their progress. It means your home renovation takes far longer than it should, not to mention that you start to get on the bad side of the builder! By all means, stay in and around your home as they may need your advice or opinion. However, make sure you’re not getting in the way whenever they’re working. 

Make as much room as possible

It’s hard for someone to work efficiently if they’re surrounded by mess. This is often the case when someone helps with a renovation project. All of your household clutter gets in their way, making life a lot harder for them. Instead, be sure you make as much room as possible. I know what you’re thinking, what if there’s nowhere to put my stuff? If you don’t have a loft to use you can always go to places like Easy Access Self Storage and put your things there. This is the best idea as you completely remove all the items from a room and provide your workers with an empty space to work in. Not only will they be more efficient, but you also minimise the risks of any of your belongings getting damaged. 

Check the progress of the project

At the end of each day, you should check to see how your project is coming along. Ideally, the company doing the renovation will explain what they did on that day. This lets you know what they worked on, and it also gives you a chance to see how things are panning out. As such, you have opportunities to make suggestions or to tweak your initial design ideas. If you don’t keep up with these progress checks, you have no way of knowing what’s going on. It’s a lot easier for a worker to make alterations while they’re working, rather than when everything is finished. 

On that note, that’s all there is to it! Believe me, I’m aware that long renovations can be stressful. You worry about so much, and you hope that everything turns out as expected. I hope that these three tips will at least take away a few of your concerns. 

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