Make Your Home More Guest-Friendly*

Want to make your home more welcoming to guests? Here are a few ways in which you can create a good impression for visitors and make your home more accommodating.

Start with your curb appeal

Start with the outside of your home – when guests arrive what do they see? First consider practical conveniences such as a clear house number to help guests locate you, exterior lighting to guide people to your door in the dark and perhaps some shelter for guests to wait under when it’s raining. Secondly, think of how presentable and welcoming the front of your home is. If it’s untidy and there’s rubbish on your front lawn, it won’t create a good first impression. Tidy things up and use welcoming signs, flowers and friendly ornaments to give a sense of approachability. If you’ve got a front lawn, you can even create a garden path across it leading to your front door.

Make Your Home More Guest-Friendly

Declutter your hallway

The hallway is the first impression that guests will get of your home’s interior. Hallways can often be cramped and dark – try not to clutter up this space with unnecessary items and use a bright colour scheme to help make it feel more vibrant. You can also consider a shoe rack so that there’s an organised space to place shoes.

Own enough chairs

Prevent guests from having to awkwardly hover by providing enough chairs. If you don’t have much space in your home, it could be worth buying some collapsible or stackable chairs to put in a cupboard. If you’re planning on hosting a dinner make sure that there are also enough seats around the table. You can pick up a collection of dining chairs online. Garden chairs could also be useful for garden parties.

Have fun with dinnerware

It’s important to also have enough cutlery, crockery and glasses. Consider buying a dinnerware set that you can pull out to impress guests with. When it comes to parties, most people won’t mind having mismatched glasses – in fact this can add an element of fun. Consider finding some statement pieces such as novelty salt and pepper shakers or a quirky wine bottle holder.

Consider guest sleeping arrangements

If you plan to have guests staying round your home, consider where they will sleep. If you have a guest bedroom, make sure that this is kept tidy and clutter free. Having some storage space to place their stuff could be helpful. If you don’t have a spare bedroom, consider investing in a sofa bed for your living room. Not all sofa beds actually make practical beds so it’s worth visiting a furniture store where you can test them out to ensure that they’re worthy for your guests.

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