Lockdown Lull? Give These DIY Home Makeovers Some Thought | Pip Milburn

It’s a funny old time right now, and while lockdown is stopping us from seeing family and friends, eating out and doing normal spring activities like going to the beach, there are some upsides to this situation. People all over the country (and indeed, the world) are making good use of their time to transform their homes.

Have you been sitting on a load of jobs you’ve wanted/meant to do but haven’t had the time? Well, now’s your chance! From painting to garden makeovers, there’s plenty you can do to fill the time and transform your home.

Here are some DIY home makeover ideas to get you through the lockdown lull.


Give your garden a makeover

With the weather being beautiful as it has been lately, it’s been nice to spend some time chilling outdoors. But have you got major garden envy browsing Pinterest and Instagram? Perhaps it’s time you undertook a garden makeover project of your own. 

The one upside to this recent time has been the weather. It’s been lovely to at least sit outside while at home. But have you been getting garden envy lately? It seems that everyone, everywhere is showing off photographs of their amazing gardens. Why not join them? Now is the perfect time to begin a garden makeover, with plenty of great ideas to give you an outside area to be proud of. Why not create a boho garden? Invest in some blankets, rugs and plenty of lighting to enjoy a truly stylish garden. 

Refresh your flooring

Is your flooring looking a little dated? Finding the time to do your flooring can be difficult, while getting someone else in can be expensive. But while you’re at home, why not do it yourself? Laying your own flooring can be relatively simple, and you can get your flooring delivered from V4 Wood Flooring suppliers. A beautiful new floor could be yours in no time and you’ll learn some great DIY skills too. 

Get the painting done

Painting your home is something that can give it a huge lift, changing the look and feel of a room while also letting you express your style and personality. Why not change your living room colour to something modern and fresh? Painting is something that takes time and effort, but lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get it done. 

Become a panelling pro

Panelling is one of this year’s major interior trends – everyone is giving panelling a go! You can panel in a number of ways in your home and it doesn’t take much to create an amazing feature wall! There are some amazing online tutorials to help you get started, all you need to do is order the materials!

While lockdown might have put a dampener on a lot of your plans this year, at least you can work on making your home amazing. Whether you decide to give decorating and DIY a go, or you finally get your home organised; you’ll find plenty of things that will help you make the most of your time at home. What’s first on your home to-do list?

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