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They say that moving house is one of the most stressful times of your life. And whoever ‘they’ are, they’re right. Moving house comes with a flurry of activity attached to it. Boxes are moving, people are shouting, people are unpacking, people are building, etc, etc. Why on earth would you want to make this entire experience any harder than it needs to be? Luckily there are a series of simple, yet effective steps that you can take to ease your stress on the day and make your move go over as smoothly as possible.


Get an overnight bag ready

First and foremost have a bag with all your overnight essentials packed and ready to go. This is your go-to bag should things not go to plan and you lose access to your possessions for one reason or another. Pack essential hygiene items and a change of clothes. Know where it is at all times. Keep all your important documents with it as well.

Organise your rooms

Pack your boxes room by room and keep them all together when they go into the transport. This stops the ever-looming shouting match that ensues when someone inevitably says “Where’s this one going then?”.

Get your bed up first

Once in your new home, make your bed assembly priority number one! Knowing that no matter what happens you have your overnight bag with your essentials and a place to sleep is a real morale booster and really takes the sting out of the rest of the unpacking.

Use a storage centre

Finding the right storage solutions can make your life much easier if you need to move some stuff out of the way for a while whilst you are in the process of moving. If you have moving out and moving in dates that aren’t as close to each other as you would like then don’t hesitate to get your belongings into a secure storage solution pronto.

Get rid of unwanted items

This is the best time to really have a good clear out. Get rid of everything you no longer want in your new house by donating it to charity or giving it to someone who would benefit from it. Lighten the load.

Use professional movers

Professional movers are a thing of beauty to watch. They can clear a house in 2 hours when it looked like it would have taken you 8. Yes, they do cost a bit of money, but for those who can’t do a great deal themselves, due to things like young children or physical limitations, they are a blessing.

Pack Early

If you move on Friday, be ready by Wednesday. Having everything packed and ready to go is the best way to make everything go quickly on the big day. Don’t leave your packing to the last minute. You will start stressing out and it will make life harder than it needs to be. Your movers should be able to walk right in and right back out without waiting on you to finish the last box.

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