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Apartment living with children can be tough. No matter how large your apartment, you’re probably working with less room than a house and little to no outdoor space. Your apartment has to work for both children and adults. There are lots of options that you can try to make a kid-friendly apartment, that suits the adults too. 


Safety First

When decorating your apartment, like Mertion Apartments, when you have children, safety must be one of your main priorities. This is especially important if you have infants or toddlers in the apartment. Bolts and safety locks can be discreet enough not to spoil your decor but still add protection to cabinets where you store harmful or dangerous items, like cleaning supplies. Cover any unused electrical outlets with a clear plastic plug. Clear will go with any decor style. 

If you have an apartment with a balcony and your children are still young, think about adding a baby gate, so you can still leave the door open to let cool air in, but stop the kids from getting onto the balcony unsupervised. 

Create Open Areas Of Space

Apartments usually don’t have access to a backyard, so your children will likely spend a lot of time playing indoors. Arrange your home so that there is some open floor space available for young kids to crawl and older kids to play. You can create more open space in the main living area by not using a coffee or side table. If you need them, choose tables that are easy to move or tuck away when it’s time to play. 

Storage and Organisation

Storage space is essential when you’re decorating an apartment for adults and children, especially if you want it to feel calm. You can put in more storage in a way that is interesting and fun. Floating shelves are perfect for children’s bedrooms for storing toys, stuffed animals, books, and school supplies. Paint these shelves in bright colours, or back them with patterned fabric. Let your kid’s pick out which colours and fabrics they want.

Under-bed storage boxes are ideal for keeping out of season clothing and spare bedding. Hang shoe racks on the back of the door to tidy away shoes or small toys.

Arrange a Homework Area

Apartments are often open-plan, and this can make it hard for older children to find a distraction-free space to do their homework in. Create a space for homework, which will encourage good study habits. Whether in their bedroom or the living room, add in a desk and chair with schools supplies. The kids can then personalise the study space with posters and pictures, so it becomes somewhere that they like to be. 

Add Area Rugs

Area rugs can be used to cover both carpet and hardwood floors. Rugs on hardwood floors are important if you have small children who are still crawling or learning to walk. Rugs are kinder on baby knees and offer some cushioning if the child falls. 

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