Hoping To Sell Your Home At Christmas? *

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While most people are dreaming of diamonds or cashmere under the Christmas tree, are you dreaming of something else – a new home?

Traditionally, sellers have been advised to avoid the festive period, but that old advice is now being turned on its head. With a captive audience of buyers relaxed at home, browsing the listings on their new tablets and with plenty of spare time for a viewing – there are a few factors in your favour. Especially as many others will be dreaming of moving into a new home for the new year. In fact, online property sites are reporting a spike in website activity on Boxing Day and the lull between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Although you may see slightly reduced volume of viewings than if you were selling in the spring, the upside is that those you do get round are likely to be much more serious about making the purchase. Things are likely to progress quicker due to it being a quiet time for estate agents and conveyancing specialists.

Another piece of advice you often hear in general about selling a house is to make it as magnolia as possible. Stripping out polarising decor and overly bold colours in favour of a neutral space where buyers can easily imagine their own lives unfolding. You’re meant to avoid clutter at all costs – but Christmas brings a certain amount of festive chaos even to the most orderly home. So how do you make sure you’re prepped and ready for viewings, whilst still being able to properly celebrate the season?

The Rules of Decoration

So, do you have to forgo the tinsel entirely this Christmas if you need to make a sale? The answer is yes and no. Although a few decorations at a viewing won’t put serious buyers off (indeed, some may leave with a negative impression if you don’t have any) it’s best to err on the side of caution and make sure they’re tasteful, subtle and low key. Go for classic combinations, like cream and gold or red and green. Avoid the 6ft high Rudolph with the flashing nose and do not obscure the front of the house with too many decorations – a tasteful wreath should be about right.

The golden rule, however, is that Christmas decorations should be removed for the photographs. Not only will they make your property look more cluttered, and therefore smaller and less appealing, but their presence will carbon date your pictures, letting everyone know how long it’s been on the market for. If your listing rolls on until spring, photos with Christmas decorations will make your home look unwanted and that is likely to impact on the offers buyers will put forward.

Set The Scene

Get the balance right by opting for tasteful, timeless decorations and some cosy winter home staging to appeal to buyers. When it’s cold outside, a glowing fire in the long burner, Living Room furniture piled high with soft cushions and snuggly faux fur throws and a few subtle decorations will look amazing. Keeping the style of decorations in keeping with the age and style of the house will show it off to best advantage and won’t be too distracting. Try to keep the scene welcoming and the clutter to a minimum and your house sale could well be in the bag.


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