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Home staging is about much more than tidying up and putting a fresh lick of paint on the walls. It’s your very own amateur attempt to make your home sell. It’s a little bit like window dressing – you’re trying to help people viewing your house imagine what it would be like to live there.

With that said, home staging is never straightforward. Often you’re so used to living in amongst all your own stuff that you lose sight of the impression your house may give potential buyers. It’s usually hard to step outside of your viewpoint and put something together that will appeal.

But all is not lost. Professional home stagers have been in the business of selling property for decades, and they know a thing or two about encouraging buyers to part with their cash. Here’s what you should do.

Brighten Up Dated Wooden Kitchen Units

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Kitchen trends have changed a great deal over the last ten years. Whereas in the 2000s, high-end kitchens all used hardwood cabinetry finished in natural wood, today’s are much brighter. Instead of spending thousands of pounds on an entirely new kitchen, it’s far cheaper just to repaint the cabinets using cabinet paint. Remember, brown is your enemy and white is your friend, so cover up all cupboard doors, exterior, and interior, to create a convincing finish. Slightly off-white paint helps to transform a dated kitchen immediately, without breaking the bank says thespruce.com.

Store Your Excess Furniture

Most people have too much furniture in their homes. Although you may be used it to, having chairs pushed right against the wall and bookcases all over the place creates a cluttered feel for potential buyers. Mess equals stress and certainly doesn’t create a good impression. Ideally, you want space to the front and back of your furniture, especially sofas, to create spaces which look adequately proportioned.

Sites like magentastorage.co.uk say that there are plenty of places sellers can temporarily store their items. It doesn’t cost much, and it helps to open up your home, showing it at its best.

Invest In Bed Linens

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Beds are the focal point of bedrooms. So if you are going to spend money on dressing them, the bed should be where you put the majority of your money. You don’t have to buy a new bed; just make sure that the beds you have are dressed correctly. Ideally, you want white, plush linen, duvets and fluffy pillows. These are neutral and create a quasi-hotel feel.

Update Lighting Fixtures

Outdated lighting fixtures can be a real turn off, especially ugly shades. If possible, swap out dull bulbs for bright LEDs, and get rid of dated shades, replacing them with spotlights. Ensure that hallways and kitchens are exceptionally well lit, but keep the brightness down in cozier areas of the house, including the lounge and bedrooms.

You don’t have to rely on natural light either. If you have a south-facing home, just make sure that all curtains are drawn before viewers arrive to brighten up any room.


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