Home Security Mistakes Homeowners Can’t Afford To Make*

Having your home burglarized is a costly and terrifying experience. Whether you’re there at the time or not, it can completely shatter your sense of safety and security, leaving you feeling violated and paranoid. Thankfully, many break-ins can easily be prevented if homeowners have a little more care and consideration for their home security. To protect your home and family, and avoid becoming a target, here is a list of five home security mistakes you need to avoid.

Home Security Mistakes Homeowners Can't Afford To Make

Lack Of Outdoor Lighting

Dark areas outside your home provide the perfect place for burglars to hide, which is why it’s important that you install some outdoor lighting. Motion sensor lights are your best option, as they have to be used less often, and, as such, save you money on electricity. They will also help to shock any potential burglars, leaving them worried that they’ve been spotted prowling around.

Providing Somewhere To Hide

While lighting does eliminate a number of hiding spots, there are plenty more that could be present on your property. Privacy gates and fences, for example, offer plenty of cover for those planning on forcing their way into your home. Bushes and trees have a similar issue and are also often used as a way to climb up and into the open windows on upper floors.

Hiding Keys Anywhere Outside

Homeowners prone to locking themselves out can be tempted to hide a spare set of keys outside their home, but this can be dangerous. After all, if a burglar happens to find your key, it makes their job a lot easier. For this reason, you should avoid storing any keys or garage door remotes outside. Instead, leave one or the other with a trusted family member or neighbour.

Leaving Valuables Near Windows

Leaving your jewellery, cash, and technology out and about may provide easy access for you, but it also leaves them visible to anyone looking through your windows. Most burglars won’t risk breaking into your home unless they know there’s something expensive inside, which is why you should keep these things out of sight. Investing in a safe is also a sensible idea.

Using Fake Security Equipment

Although it’s better to have a dummy camera than no camera at all, more and more burglars are learning to tell the difference between real and fake equipment. For this reason, you may want to invest in genuine home security cameras. Although these can cost you a fair bit, it should reduce your home insurance and will also make criminals think twice before they try anything.

Home Security Mistakes Homeowners Can't Afford To Make*

Announcing Travel Plans Online

Heading off on holiday is incredibly exciting, and sometimes you are going to want to share this excitement with your friends and family. Unfortunately, if you do so over social media, it means announcing to the world that you’re not going to be at home for a significant length of time. This can put your home at a lot of risk, so it’s much better to save your statuses until you get back.

Returning to a ransacked property can leave you feeling scared, as well as out of pocket. If you want to avoid this and keep your home and family safe, then avoid making the home security mistakes listed above.

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