Getting Rid Of That Clutter For Good*

Are you someone who lives quite a cluttered life? Would you say you’re someone who always liked the look of minimalist, but never quite understood how to implement that interior design? Are you just ripping your hair out and chewing on your nails with frustration over the amount of items, and subsequent mess, in your home? Well now’s the time to clear the space out a little, and help yourself calm down!

You can very easily get rid of all that clutter for good – you just need a bit of elbow grease, energy, and willingness to get the job done. And when you’ve got a family to look out for, that’s hard on a daily basis. So here’s some tips to make it much easier on you.

Getting Rid Of That Clutter For Good

Does every surface in your house look a bit like this? Let’s put a stop to that habit! (Unsplash)

Form a Plan of Attack

If you go into decluttering your home with absolutely no plan whatsoever, you’re not going to get anywhere. You’ll just be moving the clutter back and forth from room to room, and you’ll have no chance of ever organising the items you’ve collected together.

Choose which room to start with and focus on that room alone – don’t let yourself rush through the entire house! Then know what you’re going to do with all your clutter: are you going to throw it in the bin? Will you donate anything to charity? Are you going to keep some things but place them out of the way? Make a list, know the storage solutions you’re going to have to buy, and then get started.

Don’t Buy Until You’ve Sorted

Once you’ve got this checklist out of the way, only then are you going to be able to buy the items you need to clean up and sort away. You don’t want to grab some black bags and just make do – you’ll just get frustrated with your efforts.

On a usual basis, your checklist will look something like this: get some new wiping cloths, get some polish to get rid of the dust, grab some ceiling dusters (getting rid of the clutter will reveal all the cobwebs in the corners!), and make sure you buy some deep, clear boxes as well. You’ll want to see what you need to organise after you’ve finished decluttering.

Get Some More Space

You can’t just move out of your home on the fly, and you probably don’t have the time or money right now to get an extension fitted, but that’s all fine. It’s all fine because of ideas like renting your own self storage unit! You can fit all your excess furniture in here, and finally get rid of those bags of old tax papers, and the reminders of that business you tried to start a few years ago. It’s a quick and simple solution, so find your nearest storage unit centre and never look back!

Don’t stagnate any longer; decluttering has never been simpler to manage!

Pip x

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