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You should really be able to get the feel for interior design. Surely when you see something you really like, the first thing you think of is how it would look in your home, and where you would put it, and what colours you might match it with. That right there is an eye for interior design. You see things that spark an interest, and you attempt to think about how they will go into your home. Whether they would actually look good is a different question. It’s all well and good thinking that you would like something in your home, but certain items have to be placed a certain way, or with something else, if they’re actually going to look any good at all! It’s not actually that hard to do, you just have to do a lot of looking, and a lot of thinking. But when you’ve tried and failed before, you’ll obviously feel as though interior design is not for you. But, this is where we want to try and change your mind a little bit. Interior design is for everyone, and we love that different people will have different opinions of what they think looks good in a home, and what should probably be left out!

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What Looks Good With What

The question we all want to know the answer to. What looks good with what all depends on your house, what you have already, and what you actually like from interior design. We’re going to give you a simple and elegant look, because we know that a lot of people have gone for this already. It’s about mixing together the colours of white, grey and black. By all means, do this for a couple of rooms, but don’t make your whole house themed this way. We think it works really well in the bedroom and in the living room. So, an example of what would work well in the living room would be fluffy grey carpet to start. Fluffiness this time of year definitely is essential, but not always actually given in a home. The grey carpet is easy to maintain, easy to pair colours with, and not too dark or too light. We do recommend going light grey rather than dark as well. Then, have the walls as white, with one feature wall being grey. You don’t want to make things too dark on the walls, it can help put a bit of a darker atmosphere on the room, rather than a sophisticated one. Then, have a sofa set that’s black, and furnish with a range of the different colours we’ve listed as pillows. As for the rest of the room, we’d stick to white accessories such as candles, shelves, or a TV cupboard stand. It’s the perfect room for relaxing in, and it definitely has that classy vibe. That’s just one example of what looks good with what.

What doesn’t look good is a mixture of stripes and and dots, a mix of colours, or anything too blocky. If you follow colour spectrums, I.e monotones, browns, reds etc, they will all mix well together. Just never throw too many colours into one room, a max of three is our rule.

What Looks Cute

Sometimes it’s nice to have a cute home, but we would definitely keep it at bay. You don’t want a house full of cuteness, it will actually drive your partner mad. But, in little places you can easily add a sprinkle of cuteness. For example, if you make the pillows we talked about super fluffy and cuddly, it’s cute. The bedroom is probably the ultimate place to sprinkle it though. Now that it’s winter, you can get yourself one of those big bean bags that are sort of cut in the middle. You hope in, put a throw over you, and you’ve literally got yourself a second bed. If your room isn’t big enough, we understand, but you could get yourself a normal sized bean bag to relax on and read a book. It’s sometimes easier to concentrate and to be comfy from a beanbag, than it is in your bed where you might be tempted to slide down into sleep! You should definitely get yourself a nice fur throw for the bed as well. Not only do they look really cute, but they’re so good for cuddling up to during the night.

Finally, for our last installment of cuteness, you should definitely get yourself a little white dressing table with a mirror. You can get ones that look so authentic and nice, and it gives you a great little place to sit and get ready in front of, and to store all of your goodies.

What Is Trending Right Now

There are soooo many things that are trending right now. One we have already spoke about. The grey, white and black colour scheme seems to have been in fashion for so long now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to quit. But, there are far more trends out there that we think you should definitely try and explore. Trend number one is art. Artwork is just so beautiful, and even if you don’t usually take an interest in it, once you start looking into it for your home, we know that you’ll fall in love with different designs.

Even if you don’t have a preference of what you like at the minute, you’ll soon find yourself leaning towards a certain type of art form. Whether it be human art, colours, watercolours etc. Art definitely isn’t the only thing you should be putting up around the home. It’s becoming more popular for people to frame special photographs and place them in room such as the living room. Websites such as have some great examples of lovely frames that you would be able to use, and you could put whatever picture you would like in them. We think it has become a trend because it is sort of showcasing what you have done as a family, and show the people that come into your home what great memories you have made together!

Why You Should Focus On The Outside

You should definitely focus on the outside of your home. It’s the thing that people see first, and often the thing that people see nothing of. When we say this, we’re talking about the neglected back garden. So many people just don’t seem to put any effort into the back garden, simply because they don’t have a reason to go in it. But, if you make it look pretty, and give it some amazing features, then you’ll have every reason to go and explore it!

We think that the feature that’s going to get you outside the most is a lovely decking area, with either a BBQ set and a outdoor dining area, or a hot tub. The dining area is going to be more suitable for the warmer months, whereas as long as you get a cover, the hot tub is going to be perfect for any time of the year. In our opinion, the colder it is outside, the better going into the hot tub is going to be. But, when the summer comes around, you do definitely need to think about getting an outdoor dining set. They’re give you so much socialisation potential, and even a bit of sunbathing if we get the weather for it. It might be far away now, but it’s definitely worth thinking about!


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