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It’s easy to make some kind of investment into the security of the home and think that this means you have fully secured it. However, that’s not the case. You need a comprehensive plan that looks at every aspect of security, not just one of them. Here are the factors that you need to consider and what gaps they can fill in your home.


There’s no real deterrent

Deterrence is one of the strongest weapons against the average criminal. The more visible their crimes are, the more likely they are to get caught. The more likely they are to get caught, the less likely they are to try committing a crime against your home in the first place. Outdoor lighting from places like Lighting Direct is one of the best deterrents to help send them scarpering as there are fewer shadows for them to lurk and wait in while casing the home.

You need to be home to respond

One of the big problems with many burglar alarms and camera setups is that they are great at detecting intruders, but they can’t do much about them. Some of the most expensive ones can alert the manufacturers, who can then call the police on your behalf, but these systems might be beyond your budget. Smart home security can make you feel a lot more comfortable about your home and about leaving it. You can access smart cameras and get alerts even when you’re out of the home. As such, as soon as they recognise a threat, you can start to act on it.

Criminals can access your stuff too quickly

Even if you have an alarm, if your home is incredibly easy to access, then the criminals might be able to get in, take what they can, and get out. Do what you can to slow them down at every step of the way. Cerberus Doors, for instance, can help you secure the entrances to make sure that they are stopped for much longer before they set a single foot inside the home. Then, investing in high-quality safes can make sure that they don’t get away with your valuables even if they do get inside.

You have no evidence to work with

As well as securing the home against intrusion, you want to make sure that those who attempt to break into the home are caught and punished. To that end, there is no replacement for a good home CCTV setup. Not only can a smart camera setup allow you to monitor the home from anywhere, but you can also save the footage to the Cloud. This way, you can send the evidence to the police and look over it, getting a much better chance of catching the culprit. This is especially important if they actually do get away with any of your possessions.

Simply put, without taking care of the gaps above, a criminal is a lot more likely to get away with robbing your home. Take care of these gaps to afford yourself real peace of mind.

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