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Do you feel like your bedroom offers you barely any room to breathe? Feel like you’re constantly tripping over one thing or another? Or do you simply have a hard time dealing with the mess? Clutter is the enemy of the relaxed and organised home and it seems like it builds up out of nowhere over time. However, we’re going to look at better ways to deal with it than simply shoving it all under the bed.


Start throwing stuff out

Not all clutter is clothes and absent items simply lying around. In fact, most of it might be of your choosing. Marie Kondo has made a lot of ways lately with a simple piece of advice: only keep the things that spark joy. Take the time to look over all of the knick-knacks in your bedroom and think about what you want to preserve and why you find them so inviting. If you can’t come up with a good reason, your connection to it might not be all that strong after all.

Make better use of your space

If you have some awkward angles in your bedroom, you might find it pretty tough to make use of the space. For instance, if you like in a loft apartment, then a sloping roof might add a real challenge. However, there are all kinds of bespoke furniture such as fitted wardrobes that can maximise your use of any such space. Not only does this mean you’re making use of unused space to add some much-needed storage, but it also means that you might not need as much free-standing storage furniture, opening up some floor space in the room.

Use some organisation

Space isn’t the only thing that you need. You need to take a look inside your storage spaces and figure out how you’re organising and storing all the goods that you have. You can organise everything in your closet without having to spend too much. Sometimes, it’s as easy as simply designating different sections for different kinds of goods. Sometimes, a plastic tray or divider can make it a lot easier to ensure that everything has its place. Aside from preventing a mess from building up, it also makes your closet much easier to use since you can find stuff all the quicker.

Have temporary storage on hand, as well

What about the temporary clutter that always tends to build up in a busy life? Do you have a floor that’s got more clothes on it that you’re wearing on your person? There’s no shame here, but there is a tip to help make it easier to manage. Simply add a wicker basket or clothes bin somewhere in the room and you will instinctively toss it in there, instead. Not only does it make the room look nicer but it also makes it attract less dust so it becomes easier to clean.

Constant vigilance must be held when it comes to clutter. Start forgetting about the tips above and it can start coming back sooner than you would think

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