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How dirty do you think your carpet is? I thought mine was pretty clean until I used the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner.

Rug Doctor recently contacted me to ask if I’d like to test their Deep Carpet Cleaner and cleaning products. I honestly didn’t think my carpets were that dirty but I was interested to see how the carpet cleaner worked. I’ve never used a carpet cleaner before and I thought they’d freshen up my carpets and rugs if nothing else.

I like to keep my home clean and tidy, hoovering is a daily occurrence for me, so I thought my carpets would be clean. Oh my goodness, I was certainly in for a shock!

The carpet cleaner arrived already assembled in a large box. All I needed to do was slot the tool caddy to the back and I was good to go.

The deep carpet cleaner has two clear tanks, one for clean water and detergent and one for the dirty water.

I filled the back tank with hot to the touch tap water and added the carpet detergent.

I decided to use the super boost spray function to clean the landing carpet. This function sprays the hot water and detergent behind the machine, letting it pre-treat the carpet before being cleaned with the dual cross brushes at the front of the machine.

The carpet cleaner is really easy to use, simply select carpet mode, slowly walk backwards and let the machine get to work.

Look at the colour of the dirty water! The detergent that comes with the carpet cleaner has a really fresh clean smell and it left my landing carpet looking new and smelling great.

The upholstery attachment has a long hose and super suction power. Ideal to clean sofas and car interiors but also ideal for carpet on the stairs.

The carpet on the stairs did have the odd dirty mark so I used the Oxy Power Stain Remover before using the carpet cleaner. I was amazed at the amount of dirt that the carpet cleaner lifted out of the stairs carpet.

The next item on my list to clean was a thick deep pile rug. I was curious to see how the carpet cleaner would perform on a thicker pile and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The machine glided through the deep pile rug and left it fluffy, clean and smelling fresh.

I recently bought a second hand pale blue armchair and was desperate to get at it with the upholstery attachment. I also have a beige settee that has definitely seen better days.

I added the Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner to the clean water tank and pre-treated the embedded stains with the Oxy Power Stain Remover. I was astonished at the results. As you can see from the photos below, the chair and settee changed colour before my very eyes!

I then ventured outside to test out the upholstery attachment on the car seats. I cleaned the back seat where my three year old sits and also the back of the passenger seat that was covered in muddy footprints. They came up an absolute treat!

Overall, I am so impressed with the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner and cleaning products. A week after cleaning my carpets and upholstery they are still looking clean and smelling fresh, although I’m sure I’ll be using the carpet cleaner as part of my regular cleaning routine, especially if my three year old has anything to do with it!

Pip x


The carpet cleaner and cleaning products were sent to me to review, all opinions and views are my own.


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