Bring Better Health to Your Bedroom*

Bring Better Health to Your BedroomImage source

You will sleep better in your bedroom if it is clean and tidy, research has shown. Ridding your room of dust also gets rid of bacteria that can interrupt your sleep pattern and will make your bedroom into a sleeping paradise.

De-Clutter First

Any room in your home will be easier to keep clean if there is less clutter about. Buy some storage such as baskets that will sit in the bottom of a wardrobe, and put as much stuff away as you can. Go through your drawers and wardrobes and remove anything you will never wear again. You may be surprised by how much extra space you create that will let you put things like shoes and slippers out of sight until you want to wear them.

Without so much clutter sitting around, your room will not only be easier to clean, you will be more motivated to do it.

Make Sure Your Bed Is Comfy

There is nothing worse if you are trying to get to sleep than not being able to get comfortable. This could be down to the mattress on your bed and perhaps you should be looking at some mattress retailers to find a new one that will allow you to sleep better. It’s better if you can try as many as possible out for size before you make a purchase.

You should also change your bed linen regularly as while you are asleep you shed moisture and skin cells that will build up on them. Most people love the feeling of getting out of a shower or bath into clean sheets, so make sure you do that often.

Keep Your Room For Sleeping

Your brain will associate your bedroom with being tired and going to sleep. If you start to do other things in there during the day, that association will be lost. Reading or playing on your phone in bed is not a good idea, and if you want to do either of these things before you go to sleep, do them in another room.

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Keep Pets Out

As much as you love your cat or dog, it is best to keep them out of your bedroom. They can quite innocently bring dirt and pests into your sleeping area. They should have their own bed elsewhere, and then both of you will get a good nights sleep.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Detergents and cleaning products you by in supermarkets are full of chemicals. They might leave a nice odour, but you do not really want the fumes from these chemicals getting into your brain while you sleep.

It is very easy to make your own cleaning products from natural ingredients such as lemons and baking soda, and easy to add a lovely smell to them with some organic oils. They will clean your room just as well, and you may find that some of them make an even better job.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Carpets will make your room feel cosier and are much nicer to get out onto on cold winter mornings. They also trap dust and dirt, especially around the edges and those difficult to get to corners. You should vacuum them at least once a week, and then deep clean them every month.

Keeping your room a good place to sleep will benefit your health. A lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on your well being, and it is so simple to avoid.


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