Breathe New Life Into Your Home- on a Budget*

Sick of looking at the same four walls? Maybe your home looks tired and dated, and has lost its appeal. Perhaps your tastes have moved on since you last redecorated, or maybe you’re renting and have never really managed to put your own stamp on the place. Either way, home needs to be a place where we feel completely comfortable and happy and so it’s well worth making a change if you can. If you’re decorating on a budget, here are some things to consider.

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Take a look at your finances

First things first, you’ll need to know exactly what you can spend. It makes no sense spending money, even if it’s a small amount on a luxury like decorating if you’re in debt so get that sorted first. The fastest way to pay off debt is usually to consolidate, from there you can take advantage of any interest free introductory period to get things paid down. Your next step is to not fall into debt again, and so careful planning and budgeting is key. Work out how much you can spend or save each week, and decide whether you will buy things as you go along, or if you’ll save for a while until you can afford everything you need.

Paint it a neutral shade

Get rid of bold or busy wallpaper, painting your walls in a light, neutral shade helps to create a blank canvas. It looks clean, bounces the light around and you can make any kind of decor work. Value paint from DIY shops will do the job perfectly, and you can completely transform your home without spending much. Bring in colour, pattern and texture using accessories instead of paint and wallpaper.

Consider thrifting, crafting and upcycling

In some cases, buying things brand new are worth the money. In the cases of things like mattresses and sofas, you’re better off saving and buying the best quality you can afford, as they will be more comfortable and last you longer. However, with lots of other things, buying second hand can save you heaps of money. In some cases, the second hand items may be fine as they are, in others you might need to upcycle. Giving any piece of furniture a coat of white paint and some new hardware can instantly bring it up to scratch and give you a solid piece in your home for next to no money. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, making things like cushion covers and curtains could be a good option. Buying the fabric and making them yourself will be a whole lot cheaper than buying from a store.

Look in bargain stores

Pound shops, ex catalogue shops, ebay and even supermarkets have plenty of nice homeware that costs hardly anything. Plants, frames, clocks, candles and other pieces will all make your property look homely. They’re a way to bring in a new colour scheme or just add interest to a space that needs livening up. You don’t need to go into a premium homeware shop and pay a huge amount, but scour cheaper places and look carefully. Choose quality over quantity, a few pieces that catch your eye and you really love will make your home look beautiful whether they cost you £5 or £50.

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