The Big 5 Rules for Smaller Spaces*

If you watch Grand Designs or any other interior decoration programme on TV, you would think that every household is blessed with grandiose sized rooms, ranging from the bedroom to the utility room. The truth is that this will only be true for a small proportion of the general public. Research has found that the living room now is a third smaller than its equivalent in 1970. So how do you deal with smaller spaces where simply upscaling is not an option? Here are 5 guidelines to make the most of what you have.

Decluttering Comes First

A rule that goes for any space but is categorically more critical for small areas is to keep things simple and clean. Ornaments and decorations make might a room yours, but too much of this will make a small space look messy. Keep decorations to a minimum and ensure that everything is put away.

Dual Functionality to Save Space

Look for dual purposes for functional furniture. A couch that converts into a bed is an obvious example. Less common is a bench that functions as a storage unit. Great space savers are side and coffee tables that can expand to full-size dining tables.

the 5 big rules for small spaces

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Sunlight and Mirrors to Make the Room Look Bigger

If you have a good sized window, make sure not to crowd that and let the light flow in. Clean and straightforward roller blinds will enable you to bring in light when needed. Strategically placed mirrors not only help spread the light around the room, but it also helps in giving the illusion your room is a lot bigger than it actually is.

Whatever Colour You Want. (Just pick the lighter and more mellow variety…)

If you love pink, sure go with pink, but see if you like the more mellow, pastel version of that colour. Bright colours have the tendency to jump up, so steer clear of colours such as hot pink and bright yellow. Even if you like darker shades, you can pick a charcoal grey to move away from the pastel colours, but still, have a lightness to the room.

The Big 5 Rules for Smaller Spaces

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Sometimes Flat Pack Furniture Won’t Cut It

And although it’s plenty of fun making a day out of it going to everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture seller, making the room fit around the wardrobe and drawers you like just won’t do. If you are a bit of a deft hand yourself, you could make a run to your local DIY store and armed with Youtube videos and Instructables links, you can attempt to build something that fits the room. If that doesn’t sound appealing, you might be surprised that fitted bedrooms are not only for the rich and famous.

So whenever you are at the point of designating a room to be the ‘box room,’ take a breather, make yourself a cup of tea and consider the previous 5 rules. There is a Big Room to be found in any Small Space, just waiting for you to uncover.

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