Autumn Ready? Ensure Your House Has All The Cosy Feels*

You’ve probably been enjoying the warm sunny weather, and the last thing that you want to be thinking about is autumn and winter, and the cold air they bring with them. However, it’s a matter of weeks before the leaves will begin to change their colour and start to drop to the ground. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to ensure that the outside of your home will withstand the changes in weather that are around the corner. Ensuring that your home’s exterior is well maintained will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the colder months, snuggled up with a cuppa and X-Factor inside the house. The following are the areas you’ll need to check over to make sure that no amount of rain, snow, or frost will affect your family’s comfort when you’re inside during the upcoming seasons.

Autumn Ready? Ensure Your House Has All The Cosy Feels

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All Your Windows and Doors Should Let In Is Light (and you)

Your windows and doors will play a major role in how cosy your house is during the cold weather. Gaps in the framework badly fitted windows and doors, and worn or rotted sealant will mean that droughts and water will be able to find their way into your home. The valuable heat that you pay for will also be able to escape through any crevice, so it’s a smart choice to take a look at the condition of the areas that let your light in, and begin the weatherproofing process as soon as possible. Check out sites like so that you can better understand how damaged and broken glass can be repaired, and you can snuggle up behind those secure panes of glass.

Very often, the weather from the previous winter can affect the condition of your window and door surrounds; particularly the sealant. Take a look to see if there is mold in your window pane seals and around the frame work; if so, it can be replaced and improved with ease. It’s worth asking a building professional to come and check what needs doing, as you don’t want to affect the security of your windows and you’ll want the job to be done so that it lasts for the years ahead.

Ensure That Santa Has Somewhere Safe To Land (sorry; too soon)

Making sure that your roof is air, water, and frost tight, will prevent your home from getting cold during bad weather, and will help to protect the woodwork and walls inside your house. Damp and water damage can take hold very quickly, and can lead to your home’s structure being compromised. Mold and damp can also become a dangerous health risk to your family, so preventing it, while it’s still warm, is a wise choice. Quality and thorough insulation in your home, particularly in the roof and ceilings, is the best way to save money on your energy bills, as heat won’t be able to escape. Make sure that you take a look in your loft to check out the condition of your insulation and if it’s needs replacing; again, it may be time to call somebody qualified to assist you.

Remember; if you have a damaged roof that’s letting the weather penetrate your home, it won’t matter how good your insulation is, and the problems will begin.

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