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A bathroom can seem like quite the empty space. It can feel like there’s little substance to it, and it’s just there for you to brush your teeth in the morning and have a shower at night – and when you think about it, that can feel a little depressing! You want your bathroom to have a bit more character, and to feel a bit more cozy, don’t you? The bathroom is a pretty crucial part of the house, after all. You want to be able to relax in there, and feel your best when you come out again. 

Which is why it’s important to look into the ways you can sprinkle some more personality into your bathroom space. It might take a bit of work, but the result will definitely be worth it! 

Adding Some Personality To Your Bathroom

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Pop Some Warm Tones in There

Warm tones are a saviour for the bathroom. The more pops of colour you can use, the more comfortable you’re going to feel, and you’ll definitely break up all that white! It can get quite overwhelming, especially when there’s a strong overhead lamp above you. 

Colours like blues and pale reds, as well as earthy tones like oranges and light browns, have a great way of making use feel more at home. And they help to pop a bit more personality into an otherwise clinical space, especially if you match your wall tones with the colours of your shampoo bottles and your toothbrushes! 

Use Multiple Textures

The bathroom can feel quite cold and empty when you first step foot in it; there’s tile on the floor, and tile on the walls, and you can’t be sure just how far the water from the open plan shower will spread. But if you decide this just isn’t right for you, and you’re not feeling comfortable enough to spend time in their taking care of yourself, make sure you incorporate some more textures. It’ll definitely help to fill up the space. 

Put a rug on the floor, put plenty of towel hangers on the walls (and make sure there’s always a towel hanging off of them), and even get painting, to make the walls seem a bit more interesting to look at. 

Go All Out for the Bathroom Angle!

If you’re someone who likes the industrial side of interior design, why not focus entirely on the bathroom angle? Think about it: what makes up a bathroom? Because it’s these elements you want to use in your design plan. So, there’s tiles, and water proof flooring, and there’s a whole load of pipes in there too… and, for example, if you fancy getting your hands on some Pipe Fitting Shelf Brackets, to store your soaps and shampoos on (and away from little hands!), you’re going to add some great finishing touches to the innate bathroom structure! 

Some personality is something the bathroom can sorely lack. Try to make sure your washing space isn’t suffering from the same problem within your home! 

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