A Quick Guide To Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring – Glue Down or Click? | Pip Milburn


Anyone who is worried about the ordeal of installing luxury wood effect vinyl flooring in their homes or just certain rooms can now choose between two methods for installation which makes DIY much more appealing.

Installation might not seem like a huge deal whichever you choose, but there is a huge financial benefit to being able to install your own flooring and avoid the expense of a fitter. But which method is better?

Gluedown LVT is a slightly leaner design with installation methods which provide sustainable, long-lasting flooring. Make sure that the subfloor or underlay is being installed over is flat and even and there are no imperfections that will be highlighted in your new flooring.

After ensuring that the subfloor is not prone to moisture, each individual tile will require gluing down which takes a bit longer to install and may require the work of a professional installer if you find it a bit difficult yourself.

Affordability Vs Quality??

Gluedown LVT the more affordable option over Click Vinyl Tile, but a more affordable cheaper option doesn’t mean worse quality. When a product brings to the table increased levels of sustainability and levels of durability for areas of heavy foot traffic, gives so many reasons to take this lifelong investment.

For many years, LVT flooring has renowned for not taking the impact of moisture and rising temperatures, because of its built-in defence mechanism. Implement an LVT flooring in high moisture area such as the bathroom means that Gluedown is the preferred method for you.

Having the same functions and spec’s as Gluedown, Click vinyl flooring has a few minor difference. It boasts the new vinyl flooring click system which only works because the planks are slightly wider than Gluedown. Not to say it offers more of less durability, but it does save on the effort of having to align planks and tiles without worrying the glue will dry without them being down and in place.

Easy to install

Vinyl flooring click systems bring incredible ease to the installation process and can be done by anyone. More and more people are choosing to forget professional fitters and the price tag attached to them. The new preferred choice for installing vinyl flooring is to use underlay which adds intense amount of comfort and takes away the sound of footfall.

Perhaps the fastest and easiest installation method on the market, Click LVT also boasts an array of styles and great aesthetic because of the thickness of each plank and at the same time provides maximum comfort and less spending cost and dereased time on installation.

Choosing the type of installation which is for you can be narrowed down by deciding where you plan to install it. Gluedown is beneficial for high traffic areas like the kitchen, living room and hallway, plus the appearance of all planks and tiles are equally impressive. Click systems offer realistic wooden replicas. Amtico is the leading brand for Signature woods and Spacia stone which give complete satisfaction in any room which requires LVT.

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